Thursday, April 15, 2010

Not everything works out the way you want...

If I am going to reward frequent commenters, I had to get busy on Carrie Nixon's requests.  She needs cosmetics or a cosmetician.

I couldn't figure out how to make a character IDENTIFIABLE as a cosmetician - I mean the white coat thing can be a doctor or dentist too - So I went for a caricature and wound up with a bad Joan Rivers look.  NOT what I was going for. 

Small picture is scary enough - do NOT click on it to make it larger - might give you nightmares.

I decided it was better to move on quickly to the actual cosmetics.

The first one I tried was super easy - Lipstick! 
Word window - trimmed with an oval to get the shape left by your mouth
Metal part - 1 inch circle rounded "in" with the same punch then trimmed straight up the sides
Base - 1.25 circle rounded in with the small oval then trimmed straight up the sides
Lid - 1.25 circle - trimmed straight on the sides (same as base) - used negative piece left from punching as template to draw the inner curve. 

Grabbed some shimmer paint and added some highlights to the case and metal part.

Carrie, I'm gonna stop here and give the cosmetician some more thought - there MUST be an idea floating around somewhere - I just need to wait for it and not force it.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Ellen! You sure did brighten MY day! Of COURSE I HAD to click on it. She's a hoot!

Carey said...

OK, I did it. You taunted me so I had to click on her. I love her eyeliner. The only thing you are missing is the cloud of strong perfume wafting around her. I would love to see you make that one hee hee. Girl you are so inspiring with your blog. See you on VC_R.

Carey Rogers
aka Roscoe's mommy

Anonymous said...

you dont know, i come from my job and look you for web, and my god , you make me smile ,i wish to know more english to write to you all what i think
you are best

Kathy Simpson said...

She reminds me of a lady we used to have in our local chemist when we were teenagers. She used to do the makeovers, but there was no way she was going any where near us!! lol

CarrieNixon said...

Hahahahahah1 I LOVE YOU!

She looks like an older me! :) I can guarantee I'll look jsut like that when I'm older.... 20 coats of mascara...LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

And it's so perfect, because one month from today, our new store opens, and I wanted to make cards for all the girls I hired...... SO perfect, and I'll make notepads with the lipsticks.... I can't get over how awesome they are. WOW! I worked 65 hours this week, and to stop, chck your blog and see this, MADE MY MONTH! :D Thanks so much. No kidding, send me your mailing address. Treat package on it's way for you!

Carolyn Sharkas said...

OMG! I laughed out loud when I saw her, she is absolutely fantastic! A LITTLE mascara, a LITTLE Botox and a LOT of lipstick and I think you have a perfect cosmetician. Thanks for making me smile.


Anonymous said...

I just have to say you have covered so many walks of life. My daughter is a hair stylist. she wears a black coat and stands in front of a mirror and a chair... would that be possible?? I love the punch art.. thanks Tracy

Anonymous said...

my daughter is a hair stylist .. she wears a black coat and has a chair in front of her and of course the mirror. I love all your punch art. do you think you could do a hair stylist.. maybe even if she is cutting hair?? would love to do it for her birthday