Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Taste for Cardstock...

Carey Rogers, online friend and frequent commentor on this blog, has a dog named Roscoe. 

Roscoe eats swaps. 

Twice (that I know of) Carey has been in crisis mode because Roscoe has a taste for cardstock. 

Today's dog doesn't exactly look like Roscoe because the real Roscoe is mainly black but this is my tribute to Carey's beloved pet.

You could make a bone for his mouth - or newspaper - or slippers - or whatever you would like him to be slobbering on.

I am not giving a punch list or directions today - I'll be providing them on the VC Rocks yahoo group as an online make and take (Roscoe is infamous on VC)  - After that is "published", I'll come back and edit this post (assuming I remember, I am old and forgetful)  

EDIT:  Punch directions can be found HERE

And I'll be missing in action the next few days.  I'll be scrapping like a mad woman in East Texas.  I go on an annual retreat with a group of ladies that (gasp!) use/sell another product line but they let me tag along because I am so fun (and pay my money on time!)

Y'all have a great weekend and keep on punching!

And HAPPY NATIONAL SCRAPBOOKING DAY on Saturday!  If you are too busy to scrap at least take a photo and say you will scrap it "someday".


Maryn said...

Oh, Ellen, he's totally fantastic! Hooray for Roscoe!

Tammy Q Howell said...

Cute doggie! Have fun on the retreat. I attended one last year and got so many pages completed, 60 in total.

Carey said...

I have other suggestions for things in his mouth (and have actually been in his mouth or stomach). How about start with his dad's sock (dad wears a size 13shoe so you can imagine how big the sock is), a green washcloth (from his dad's bathroom) that he then threw up on the bed and we didn't even know he had eaten, one of mom's socks that he ate while she was running after him to get the said sock, a glove (right I believe) that he grabbed when mom took it off in the middle of the winter to bend down to look at a crocus, another sock (no clue where he got this one), the 5 pound roast that was thawing in the sink along with the entire box of turtles from the middle of the pool table that was going to be a gift to someone (all on the same day), the bag of cards sitting again on the pool table that were going to be mailed that day for a VC_Rocks swap, another bag of VC_Rocks cards the next year where he only ate one then chewed on another few (he didn't like those as well). And then there are the numerous animals that have met their demise outside- rabbits, squirrels, turtles, moles, mice, rats, opposums, birds, the turkey he helped his friend catch when the said friend was hunting, a catfish (not really sure how he got that one up on our property we don't live near the river or a lake or anything, could be because the river was up and had backed up into the creek?) and various other things. The vet has a Roscoe Detjen wing. When we would call they would say "We have his room ready." Then there are the boxes like a SU box that we get things in that he grabs and runs with. It is in his mouth and the box is over his head while he runs to get away from us to take it outside and work on it. He also has a thing for kleenex and paper towels besides the cardstock.

Now that he is 3 years old he is a little more behaved. Thank the Lord above. Thanks for the beautiful look of my baby.

Carey Rogers
aka Roscoe's mommy

Carey said...

Also you have the ears down to a T. They are long and very floppy. Google Berner Mountain Dog and they all look the same, except for the shape of the head.

Carey Rogers
aka Roscoe's mommy

Patrice said...

LOLOLOLOL Wow "Roscoe The Scrap Eating Dog" has his own punch art character. Who would have thunk his shenanigans would have made him famous. If he wasn't so darn cute you might be able to be mad at him for eating all that stuff. Just look at that face. Great card Ellen.

Stace said...

Both Roscoes are just adorable.

Patricia Gessner said...

The dog is adorable Ellen. And have a great time in Texas!!!
you will be missed.

Brandy said...

You have done "our" Roscoe proud!Just look at that sweet little face, who could ever imagine him eating entire swaps! :o)
Love ya Ellen!

Carolyn Sharkas said...

Oh, Roscoe is famous! Great job on him, love the cardstock in his mouth.
Carey will love it.