Saturday, April 17, 2010

VC Rocks!

Nope - No Garfield today.  I'm guessing several of you were logging on with hope that you would see his fat little orange face lookin' back at you but I'm telling ya - it isn't a pretty thing when I try to force the Inspiration Fairy into doing something she isn't ready to do.

Instead today you get to see a short (and I mean short) little video about a yahoo group I participate in.
there is music - so turn on your sound

Did you see me?  I was in three of the photos - I take my camera whenever I might meet another VC Rocker! If my photo with some Houston girls hadn't been so dark and grainy I might have snuck into a fourth picture. 

This is a fun silly insane VERY HIGH VOLUME OF EMAIL group.  We celebrate Stampin' Up! at a Virtual Convention every summer (we have ladies that go to the real deal play with us too).  There are challenges, charities, classes, swaps, games, contests, raks, a virtual hotel and all kinds of silliness going on constantly.  It isn't for everyone but it might be for you.  I have made some AWESOME friends through this group. You do NOT need to be a demonstrator to join - you just have to love Stampin' Up! 


Open for returning members April 20. 
Opening for new members April 30. 
We will only be accepting new members for ONE (1) month.
This is the 10th anniversary year for this Virtual Celebration group - should be loads of fun!

Link to group if you want to join


Veronica said...

Even though all the emails overwhelm me sometimes, I can't wait for VC_Rocks to begin!

Carolyn Sharkas said...

I can't wait! We are gonna have a blast this year!


Patricia Gessner said...

Boy, that sure looks like fun!!!!!
Thanks for sharing.