Sunday, April 4, 2010

Beep beep...

I thought road runner would be a good post for today because I can't believe it is already EASTER!



Life races on....

College girl turns 22 this week.  ALREADY?

I've been a Mom for 22 years.  ALREADY?

We will be heading down for her graduation next month. ALREADY?  Seems like we just carried that stuff into the dorm for the first time... And I know the move into the apartment couldn't have been more that a few weeks ago...

Life races faster and faster.

and faster still....

I think you can figure this out except maybe the feet - Scallop Square - turn it on the diagonal - and trim.
Tail - Scallop Oval, trimmed - The 'real' tail is much much larger - but this works
Head feathers - I took a 1 inch circle and drew the "bumps" and cut by hand.


Patti said...

Found your site today via Stampin Connection. I love your punch art. You are very clever. So now that you have that adorable roadrunner, what about the coyote? My dad loves that coyote!! Thanks for sharing!!

Carolyn Sharkas said...

He is awesome! Another one for my kids scrapbooks, as they spent their elementary years as Robinson Roadrunners. Middle school they were "Gobblers" so you covered that back in the fall, lol.

Wow, they grow up fast don't they? My son is turning 21, and I'm pretty sure that's not supposed to be happening so soon. Seems like only yesterday......
Daughter will turn 20 this year, Geez!

Hope you have a great day!


Whimcees said...


Great feet and beak and feathers on top of head! :<)

Can't wait to see this week's new creations!

Barbara Diane