Wednesday, April 14, 2010

When paper isn't fun....

Sadly, no punch project this morning.  The only paper I fooled with last night was tax forms.  I'd like to punch some extra deductions....  Hubby was doing his dad's taxes last night too. Kid still at home hid in her room.

Gonna write Uncle Sam a check today, gripe for awhile, then remember all the good stuff that tax dollars do for people and get over myself. 

Got 3 characters "in work" and finishing them tonight is the kind of "paperwork" that will make me happy.

I'll have something for you tomorrow.

Off now to book club and father-in-law errands.

Have a great one!


Anonymous said...

Maybe you could make us an Uncle Sam rolling in "our" money for a punch project! lol

CarrieNixon said...

Have to ask.... what book are you reading?

Ellen Kemper said...

Oh - this isn't THAT kinda book club. Hee hee - we have someone come and review a book for us and then eat lunch. It is the no homework book club.

I'd like to be in the regular kind but haven't found one close by.

Our speaker today was Dr. Robert Tenery who wrote Dr. Mayo's Boy. GREAT speaker and I had already heard good things about his book so I ordered a copy from Amazon and had him autograph it today.

I have to finish The Gravedigger's Daughter before I can start it.