Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tigger Again

No, don't get all excited.  This isn't Tigger in another pose.  I'm showing you how I wound up using him.

Within 24 hours of his creation, I used Tigger for a birthday card.  Hubby's best friend Scott was having one of those "milestone" birthdays - I won't mention which one.

I made a tri-shutter card for him.  Link to tri-fold directions here. These are not hard to make and they are fun and impressive.  You can really embellish them or you can leave this card a little plainer - which is what I did since this is a "guy card".

What I did different was to make the white circle on the middle panel OPEN up to reveal the answer to my question (They are both "one of a kind")

Then I decorated some of the back of the card to add a spot for signing our names - but didn't take a photo of that.  Paper, ink, signatures... I'm pretty sure you can imagine it.

I'm also pretty sure Scott doesn't read my blog (his wife might)- but if he does he'll know how much I love him - to give up my favorite punch character EVER after having just a few hours with it.   Love ya Scotty!


Gwen Howard said...

Great card! What a cute way to use your Tigger creation. Your talent is amazing! Keep creating!!

Ruby said...

What a great card, I have seen this version several times, although it is a nice style you have definitely hit the mark on your creation especially with the colors. Tigger looks so natural in this card.

Loni said...

Tigger really POPS on this one!

e_donaldson said...

I love the trishutter look with the 50 on the front! great work and TFS!

- Elizabeth D

Cindy H. said...

This card is absolutely, positively AWESOME!!! Thank you so much for sharing :)

Creations by Patti said...

Fabulous card - wish I was still 50!hugs, Patti

Carolyn Sharkas said...

why is it that everytime you see him you start singing that song to yourself? What a great card. I have a birthday in Nov. hint hint lol