Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tigger Again

No, don't get all excited.  This isn't Tigger in another pose.  I'm showing you how I wound up using him.

Within 24 hours of his creation, I used Tigger for a birthday card.  Hubby's best friend Scott was having one of those "milestone" birthdays - I won't mention which one.

I made a tri-shutter card for him.  Link to tri-fold directions here. These are not hard to make and they are fun and impressive.  You can really embellish them or you can leave this card a little plainer - which is what I did since this is a "guy card".

What I did different was to make the white circle on the middle panel OPEN up to reveal the answer to my question (They are both "one of a kind")

Then I decorated some of the back of the card to add a spot for signing our names - but didn't take a photo of that.  Paper, ink, signatures... I'm pretty sure you can imagine it.

I'm also pretty sure Scott doesn't read my blog (his wife might)- but if he does he'll know how much I love him - to give up my favorite punch character EVER after having just a few hours with it.   Love ya Scotty!


Gwen Howard said...

Great card! What a cute way to use your Tigger creation. Your talent is amazing! Keep creating!!

RedGem said...

What a great card, I have seen this version several times, although it is a nice style you have definitely hit the mark on your creation especially with the colors. Tigger looks so natural in this card.

Loni said...

Tigger really POPS on this one!

Elizabeth said...

I love the trishutter look with the 50 on the front! great work and TFS!

- Elizabeth D

Cindy H. said...

This card is absolutely, positively AWESOME!!! Thank you so much for sharing :)

Creations by Patti said...

Fabulous card - wish I was still 50!hugs, Patti

Carolyn Sharkas said...

why is it that everytime you see him you start singing that song to yourself? What a great card. I have a birthday in Nov. hint hint lol