Friday, March 12, 2010

Ellenized Easter Bunny

Everywhere you look you see Easter stuff.  Baskets and chicks and bunnies and lambs - Spring is in the Air - blah blah blah... 

I must be the Springtime Scrooge because I'm just not feeling it.  I guess when your kids grow up the bunny stuff loses its fun.

Besides not being into the Easter Bunny thing this year - I am also NOT into pastel colors.  I rarely do purple and if I do pink it is probably with brown or black.  Except for baby themes, I don't craft with pastel colors. I don't wear them.  I don't decorate my house with them.  Not my thing.

But in honor of Easter, I did make a bunny for you - please consider this an Ellenized Easter Bunny because it is the only bunny I'm "into" right now.

The base of his head is an approx 3 inch circle trimmed by hand.    I snipped some "fur" or "hair" at the top with scissors. (see photo below)
Ears - large ovals
Pink of ears - full heart trimmed
Eyes - small ovals (gray and white), word window
Cheeks - wide ovals
Chin - 1 inch circle
Mouth - 1/2 wide oval - trimmed to narrow on each side
teeth - scrap rectangle
above teeth - curly label hole punched with 3/4 inch circle (see yesterdays lips for photo)
Nose - tip of small oval

Drew two back lines above his nose and one line on his teeth.

You can get almost the same base from punches - see the photo below. Most of the "seams" and all the of the "missing parts" will be covered by other punches.

I was showing Kiddo this project and she made an addition.  (I think she loves the bunny!)


Carolyn Sharkas said...

AWWWWWWW, He's cute. I love the lips, too. Guess the kid really likes the bunny. I think he will make a great Easter Bunny.


CarrieNixon said...

Next to the Santa's, possibly, but maybe not the Jay/Conan, this lil cutie is my FAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cape Craft Crazy said...

Simply the best bunny I've seen. Thanks a bunch.

Trina said...

I've just recently discovered your blog and truly LOVE IT, probably because I LOVE punch art! Your blog is now on my Favorites Bar and I visit it every day. Thanks for sharing all your creative work. I will be CASEing a couple of them in an upcoming class.

Created by Kath said...

Bugs Bunny! That's what my grandaughter said.This one is a keeper.

Ellen Kemper said...

I'm glad you recognized him as Bugs. That is the look I was going for.

To be Bugs, he really needs looooong skinny ears and just a little thinner eye ovals.

I'm thrilled she saw Bugs Bunny in him - I was using Bugs as my model!

Unknown said...

I think that he looks like Buggs too!

I did make the st patricks day guy (ok couldnt spell lepr..) and he turned out cute and gave him a pot of gold too! You have inspired me to look at my punches differently to see what I can make and the pot of gold turned out ok! Thanks for the inspiration!

MariLynn said...

I love how you found a way to add your new lips. So cute!

Anonymous said...

Ellen you are amazing I love bugs bunny! it is nice to see a "different" bunny as the other mostly look the same. Keep the great inspiration and many thanks for it

Anonymous said...

Baby Bugs!!!! I am definitely saving this idea to scrap some of my son's pictures when he was little. Bugs Bunny was one of his most favorite characters for years. This is perfect for him, if ever I get to scrapbooking. I need to get some organizing done around my house and then I need some really good inspiration to stop procrastinating and just dig into those boxes of pictures.
Thanks Ellen for all of your great ideas!

Ellen Kemper said...

Patty - JUST DO IT.

Start and you will have so much fun you will do another!

Pull out a couple of photos and scrap them. There will never be a perfect situation and your house will never be completely organized and you need to Just Do It.

Isn't that a Nike slogan? It is a good one!

I'm so glad you are all liking my "almost" Bugs. I have another Loony Tunes-ish character for tomorrow.

CarrieNixon said...

I figured it was Bugs Bunny right away. Anyone who didn't recognize that needs an eye exam. :)

Brenda said...

That's cute... kind of reminds me of bugs bunny!

Debby said...

I recognized Bugs Bunny right away. He is adorable. My daughter for years loved Bugs. Great job as always Ellen.
Could you possible come up with a Scooby Doo for my youngest son? He is 14 and still loves Scooby Doo.
Angel hugs