Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pool Boy!

On the VC Rocks group I talk about, we have a "virtual" hotel and there is lots of silly talk about who the "pool boys" would be.  I issued a scrapbook challenge to them this week and the winner is to get a punch art creation from me - so I thought a punched pool boy would be the appropriate prize.

Well, it is a BOY in a Pool!

Oops! His arm and foot are supposed to be in the water - I'll adhere that arm a little better before I mail it off!

There are a few days left to join the group - on May 30 the doors lock.  VC Rocks

EDIT to add the "parts list"
Head - word window

Nose - wing from Two Step Bird

Body/Suit - small oval

Hat - small oval and modern label

Sunglasses - scallop border

Legs - square next to square hole

Arms - oval next to oval hole

Foot - modern label repunched with word window

Hand - modern label repunched with new small circle in the punch pack

float - rectangle - rounded ends with large circle punch

Pool - coluzzle (dust off first)


Veronica said...

Cute pool boy, Ellen!

Loni said...

Woohoo! Probably how my DH would look if he were tubing.

RedGem said...

Love him! but I don't think I'll hire him for my pool! haha! Tks for sharing!

Carolyn Sharkas said...

Great pool boy, I know Loni is gonna love him.


Jessica Bowhal said...

Thanks for the recipe!! We call my dad the pool boy or Paco when we are at the beach and I thought this would be good to give him so we can be his pool girls on Father's Day!!