Monday, May 3, 2010

Somedays the time is right

Got a request TODAY for a school bus. 

Nope, I never thought about making one - when do you need it by - yadda yadda - no promises - I'll try..... and then....BINGO - I made a school bus. 

Beth needs one for her grandson's birthday and she must have made a deal with the Inspiration Fairy because it fell into place in just a few minutes.
Yes I cheated - the "school bus" was added onto the photo - but you certainly could stamp it.

Start with a 3x4.25 rectangle - snip in with your 1.25 inch square punch (or trim with your trimmer)
Round your corners - my corner rounder wouldn't "fit" correctly so I just stuck the corners into a 1.25 circle  punch as far as it would go and punched - instant rounding
Windshield - part of word window
Windows - 3/4 squares - rounded by sticking into the 1/2 inch to round the corners because the pieces are too small to hold to stick in the corner rounder
2 stripes are from trimmer
Tires - 1.25 circle and new circle punch (in the summer mini)
Bumpers - shortened word window
Stop sign - 1 inch circle - trimmed with scissors into octagon
Headlight and Taillights - 1/2 inch circle

Sooooo Easy!


Anonymous said...

nice to see you againg, please you can make mickey or minni mouse for me,

Patricia Gessner said...

Love this school bus!

Heather M. in IA said...

I'm Beth's daughter.
I love it!
My soon-to-be 2 year old son LOVES buses!
This will be great on his birthday invitations!
Thank you!

Ellen Kemper said...

You are very welcome!

Alexandria said...

This is really cool! I made one to send with my son tomorrow for his Kindergarten teacher for Teacher Appreciation Week. Do you care if I do a tutorial on my blog? I will give you full credit and link back to your blog, of course!

Carolyn Sharkas said...

Can you believe my kids never rode a school bus except for field trips until they were in high school? We live across the street from both the elementary and middle schools they attended. Then when they got to high school, even though it was on the same road, it was about 4 miles or so. They refused to ride it southbound, so I took them in the morning, but come 3pm they hopped that big yellow dog to come home. Suppose they would like this on one of their high school pages?
Great one, Clem.


Brandy said...

My 4yo son loves to punch stuff and he made a school bus the other day. He grabbed a scrap piece of c/s in a rectangle form, punched a few circle holes right down the middle and glued them to the bottom and declared, "Look mommy, I made a school bus".