Monday, May 24, 2010

Easy Breezy Stamp and Squeezy

No, it isn't a punch character but it is a card ALL out of punches....

Some things are just so cute you need to copy them AT ONCE.  That is how I felt when I saw this card by Erica at PinkBuckarooDesigns.  Of course I changed it a tad (but not much).  I wrote a detailed tutorial for a make and take here - but you probably won't need it.


Anonymous said...

check out Stamping Design with Lynn Pratt

Her site is pretty inspiring, too!!!

She has a great little moose on there that is all punch art. So cute! and LOTS of scrapbooking, too!

Ellen Kemper said...

Oh Lynn is fabulous. I'm positive I've directed readers to look at her blog before.

I'm a subscriber to all her creativity - she is like an Art Machine - she does so much and she does it SO WELL!