Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Somebody Sam

You might know this character as Yosemite Sam but that is not his name at our house.

Living close to Six Flags over Texas means we had season passes for years (too many years).  With my girls being 5 years apart, theme parks were a challenge since one was able to ride many more rides than the other. 

The Yosemite Sam ride was a multi-person boat ride in a cool and dark tunnel as you move down a slow moving river watching the Warner Brother characters in a western tale.  This is the perfect "all ages" ride and quite a welcome relief from the heat.

But with the dark and the sound of "gun fire" it was scary to "kid who lives at home" when she was a little tyke.  For at least 2 summers she rode in terror with her eyes shut tight.  I finally convinced her to open her eyes at the end where she saw Sheriff Bugs had "Somebody Sam" in jail.  After that she was ready to ride!  But the name she used stuck in our family vocabulary.  I have to make a conscious effort to remember Yosemite - because Somebody Sam just pops out.

Here are his parts:
Hat - approx 2.5 inch circle trimmed
Head - black 1 inch circle
Eyebrows - narrow Heart to Heart
Eye - plus sign from NEW punch pack trimmed
Moustache - part of Full Heart
Nose - word window re-trimmed to make shorter
Ears - small Heart to Heart cut in half
Body - Full Heart trimmed
Arms - Wide oval around small oval hole
Hands - 1/2 circle at ends of modern label
Legs - 1 3/8 circle near 1 inch circle hole
belt - oval near oval hole trimmed
buckle - scrap
kerchief - standard hole punch, small Heart to Heart cut in half

and his boots are the smallest Heart to Heart - trimmed as shown
I didn't do his guns.  I don't like guns.  You are on your own for that.


Migdalia said...

lol Looks just like him! Another great creation! TFS

Gaby said...

Wow....great job. He looks so real.

RedGem said...

Great likeness. It also wonderful when they bring back sweet memories. I can see you now smiling as you were creating him. Tks for sharing.

Helen said...

Wow, Ellen, all these punch characters are amazing!

Patricia Gessner said...

He's great!!! You are really blessed!!

Carolyn Sharkas said...

Somebody Sam! I love it! He is just perfect, too. Amazing what YOU can do with punches. hugs,