Friday, May 21, 2010


Back when I did Road Runner, Patti requested Coyote.
It took me awhile but I think I got pretty close.

It looks like a long list of punches but it is just 5 of them this time. 
Heart to Heart, Small Oval, Word Window, Modern Label, 1 inch circle

Ears - pieces of small oval
Head - narrow Heart to Heart
Eyebrows - narrow Heart to Heart next to narrow Heart to Heart hole
Eyes - small Heart to Heart
Muzzle - Word window repunched to make shorter and piece of word window trimmed
Nose - scrap bit off my desk - you could use the tip of the word window or small oval
Chest - small oval next to small oval hole
Body - word window
Arms - wide Heart to Heart next to wide Heart to Heart hole
Hands - small oval on both ends of modern label
Leg - narrow Heart to Heart next to narrow Heart to Heart hole
Other leg - small oval next to small oval hole
Feet - small ovals trimmed by hand
Tail - 1 inch circle trimmed by hand

Draw lines on muzzle and dots for eyes.
Of course you will need an ACME box or a giant boulder or some kind of "catch Road Runner" prop for it to REALLY look like Wiley Coyote!

Try "outlining" his eyebrows and muzzle with black marker - I think they would look better but I don't have time to remake this if I'm gonna get it scheduled to post at midnight.  I'm headed to bed RIGHT NOW.

8 comments: said...

OMG you are so clever, found your site yesterday! amazing what you do with the punches, so cool.


Whimcees said...

Hi Ellen!

Great Coyote to end a wonderful week of characters! :<)

Wishing you a good weekend!

Barbara Diane

RedGem said...

Love him! What no butterfly punch... haha just kidding! Just bought some Chocolate Chip cs. Tks for sharing, I'm off to the craft room.

Carolyn Sharkas said...

Oh my gosh, he is flippin' AWESOME!

whoohoo! I have some elementary school pictures of my kids I need to scrap, he will be perfect!

what? yes, I'm a little behind...I also have baby pictures I need to scrap. Any more challenges?


Ellen Kemper said...

Do I want to know why Coyote goes with your kids elementary school pictures?

I'm gonna go with "school mascot" and not think of being raised by wolves. OK?

soggystamper said...

Awesome job, Ellen! You are much more inventive than me.
Sue Erickson aka The Soggy Stamper

Patti said...

I love it so much! I'm freaking out here in AZ!! Thanks so much for trying and getting it so well!!

Carol said...

This is better than "pretty close"!!! Amazing!!!