Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pastor Tom's Tortilla Soup

I don't personally know Pastor Tom (although he appears to be from Texas) but I L-U-V his soup. 

I stumbled upon this recipe a few years ago and have fixed it many times.  It is YUMMY! 

So, for this month's recipe swap with my upline and sidelines, I decided to use Pastor Tom's Tortilla Soup.

Here is a video I found of Pastor Tom making his soup.

And here is my recipe for making the bowl of soup from punches: 

Soup - small oval
Inside of bowl - large oval
Rim of bowl - oval ring from large oval punched around small oval hole
Bowl base - 1 3/8 circle punch
Soup Spoon- modern label punch angled against edge of paper so you only get 1 bump and a slant.
Steam - swirly stamp from Priceless
Hearts - Heart to Heart Punch

Assemble as follows:
small soup oval on top of the "inside of bowl" oval - matching bottom edges
rim oval on top of that
if using pattern paper you may have the paper's white core showing on the edge - go around with a marker to darken edge
add all this to the bowl base
Stamp "steam"
position soup bowl
top with "spoon"
garnish with 3 hearts



Brenda said...

I think I need to add this one to my recipe book. TFS!

Lucy said...

In case you're wondering I'm the one vote 'you need better labels'... but what I meant by that vote is that I forget where to find the online ordering button. Not sure if that can be changed though. Mostly your Mom I can't find the is sufficient for finding items. I love Tortilla Soup and will definitely try this, also tks for soup bowl punch art.

Ellen Kemper said...

Hey Lucy - thanks for the clarification because, of course, I was going to ask what labels would be helpful.

The online ordering button is subtle and under SU Links right above the picture of the catalog.

While I would love for people to order that isn't what this blog is about so I keep it low key. The blog is about sharing what I love to do - the business will come if I do that well. Yep, I'm a bit of a Pollyanna.

Carolyn Sharkas said...

Love the page, and this sounds yummy. My family would love it. Do you think I could "skinny" it up?


Ellen Kemper said...

It shouldn't need too much lightening up. Just go easy on the cheese and avacado.

I made my own tortilla chips by heating corn tortillas on a cookie sheet in the oven - corn tortillas aren't THAT bad.