Sunday, March 28, 2010

Finer Things in Life

Who doesn't wish for the finer things in life? 

In my opinion, nothing is finer than eating out and being waited on.  (remember me? Ellen = Ms. Hates to Cook)

One of my best buddies, JoAnn, (we go all the way back to high school) thinks WINE is one of the finer things in life.  She has a group of friends in Houston that take turns hosting wine tastings.  They have a theme each time and prizes.  You can win for the best bottle of wine OR for best decoration of the bottle (to fit the theme)  Isn't that a hoot?  They have a ball.

I went to dinner with a few of these friends when I was last in Houston - they were analyzing the flavors in the wine and I guess JoAnn didn't want me to feel left out so after saying she tasted "blah, blah and blah" she asked what I could taste.  Pausing for effect, I just had to quip "I am almost certain that I taste GRAPES in this"  They did smile but I'm not sure they appreciated my humor - yet that was all I had to contribute.  I am more of a beer drinker and have no training in appreciating the subtle flavors in a wine.  But I can sure appreciate that they picked a GREAT bottle with dinner.

I decided to combine these two FINE THINGS for a punch art character.

I know that isn't the correct terminology but I wanted alliteration (another of my quirks)

Did you know SU has ONE color name without alliteration?  Basic Gray - grates on my nerves every time I have to say/type it.  Couldn't they have named it  Gravel Gray? or Basic Blah? It is a good color that I use frequently but it needs to be renamed! 

Back to punch art...
I originally had his legs much longer and his arm stuck way out in front of him - but he didn't fit on a standard card front that way - so I operated on him (no anesthesia - poor fella) making him into the short yet distinguished chap he is today.

Shirt and pants - 1.75 circles
Jacket - wide ovals
Sleeves - word windows
Bow tie - small heart to heart
Legs - oval ring - large oval around small oval hole
Feet - 3/4 inch circle
Head - 1.75 trimmed straight on two sides
Nose - word window (thought about using the Two Step Bird wing but he needed a more refined nose)
Ear - scrap laying on the desk - use anything since his hair covers almost all of it
Hair - scallop oval repunched to make smaller
Eye - standard hole punch, 1/2 small heart to heart - don't forget the highlight with white gel pen - it makes a difference
Hands - modern label repunched with 1/2 inch circle
Tray - word window
Wine bottle - word window trimmed flat, thin strip for bottle neck, piece of word window for label, put crystal effects on bottle
He has a LOT of face showing some I have him pink cheeks with some pastel/chalk

Links to Finer Things
My buddy, Carolyn Sharkas (Dano), has a beautiful flower on her blog this weekend using the Two Step Bird punch.       See?  It can be used for more than just birds or big noses on silly faces!

She got the directions from Ann's Creative Moments - read down a few more posts on Ann's blog to see other beautiful things from the same punch.  This blogger has seriously gorgeous things (not like my cartoonish style)

Check these out!  You will not be disappointed.


Whimcees said...

Hello Ellen!

Very, very clever use of the paper punches! Your talent is amazing and leaves me repeating myself I'm afraid! :>)

Thank you for the link to another very talented woman's blog!

Wishing you a great day today!

Barbara Diane

Stef H said...

lmbo! oh i so hear ya! if hubby doesn't cook, we eat out. i ain't doing it!!! so there!

and i would have tasted the grapes in the wine too!

this is absolutely fabulous! you just amaze me!

Ruby said...

I am not a connoisseur of wine, I've been known to purchase box or screw-top wine in my lifetime. I know now what to say the next time I'm asked to describe a wine! The waiter character is fantastic and so lifelike. Thanks for the link to Ann F's blog, she is definitely very talented. Thanks again for sharing your creativity as well as your wit.

Carolyn Sharkas said...

Hey! I'm famous, I have been mentioned on your blog! Thanks, Clem!


Carolyn Sharkas said...

Oh, and by the way, I know what you mean about the wine. I know absolutely NOTHING. So I just stay away for the most part...don't want to look like a red neck, lol.

love the little wine waiter, though, and his short little legs.