Sunday, March 7, 2010

Yabba Dabba Doo!

After working on all those lady bowlers on Friday, I was inspired to punch one of America's most famous bowlers.

It might be safe to say this is one of the WORLD'S most famous bowlers, just standing here, admiring his bowling ball...

I really wanted to do Fred's "twinkle- toes" pose but feet are almost as HARD to do as hands.

I have so many memories from the old Flintstones show (1960s).  It used to come on television on Friday nights.  Friday was the night my dad regularly worked late at the bank, so my brother and I got to eat on TV trays in the den and watch black and white TV while we ate!  That was a big treat and I really looked forward to it.

Have a need to make Fred Flintstone?  Here is punch list and a photo:

Head - key tag (retired) can get the same thing from a rectangle rounding the corners (approx 1x2 inches)
Beard area - 1 3/8 circle trimmed flat on one side
Nose - wing from two step bird - trimmed just a tiny bit off the pointed end
Hair - small oval trimmed, part of boho blossom
Eyes - heart to heart, standard hole punch'
Clothing - 2 x 1,75 rectangle snipped with large star point at bottom and sleeve openings
Tie - pieces of small oval, modern label, tip of word window
Spots - snipped triangles - use scissors
Arms - heart to heart, word window
Feet - 5 petal flower (trimmed)
Bowling ball - circle, standard hole punch

I wound up drawing his mouth - I tried punching (see the don't need item in the photo) but never could get it right - so grabbed a marker and took care of business - added his ear and eyebrows this way too.

I'll use "my" Fred on a scrapbook page in my BOM (book of me)

Yabba Dabba Doo!


Carrie Rhoades said...

Once again I am totally blown away by your amazing punchtastic creation!

Kristi said...

Amazing! You have such a great eye for detail and got his mouth just right. Good for you for using him and your story on a scrapbook page!

Linda said...

My dad used to bowl on Monday nights and we got to have "breakfast dinners" (on TV trays watching b/w television)!! His b'day is this week, and I think that a bowling card is just the ticket! Thanks for the inspiration (and the memories)!

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely amazing! This brings back great memories. I always loved the Flinstones.

Ruby said...

He is marvelous and so life-like I especially like the outfit. You have truly captured the character! But as usual you stumped me with several of the punches (remember me I try to figure out which ones you use before I see your list!). Keep on punching!

Kriss said...

Always LOVED Fred and his antics:) Thanks for sharing your wonderful talent!

Anonymous said...

This is sooooooooo good! I can't believe how he looks exactly like the real Fred.......or else it has just been too long since I seen that show! But, I think it is probably he is an exact replica. Great job Ellen, you never cease to amaze me!

Carolyn Sharkas said...

Ellen, you're killing me! The Flintstones were one of my favorite shows, too. Can't believe the kids these days probably don't even know who they are. Pity.

I have a're gonna love this......

Clem Cadiddlehopper. Think you can do a self portrait? LOL