Thursday, March 11, 2010

Happy Accident

I was worried about you.

I was worried that you might be suffering without your daily punch fix.

I decided to give you a tiny punch idea to hold you thru the layout share until punching returns tomorrow.

You would have to suffer without this if I hadn't had a happy accident this morning. 

Happy accident doesn't mean I crashed into a car full of clowns,  it means I spied a shape amongst my punch droppings (sounds disgusting, huh?)

I was punching away - struggling, trying every combination of odd things to create a piece of a character when I stumbled on a shape I think you will like.


I know we have passed Valentines, but you can always leave a love note for your kids or sweet thing can't you?

Problem:  If you don't LOVE punches you might not have the curly label punch.  But if you don't love punches, why would you keep reading this blog? - so never-mind, I'm sure you can all make these lips today.

I used the HOLE from the curly label then punched a 1 inch circle around the hole.  1.25 circle looks good too - you get a little wider mouth.  You can get fuller lips by pushing your punch 'in' further.

Easy!  And you never know when you might need to leave a little kiss.

Now go make something cute with lips on it - and come back tomorrow for a new punch project.


Anonymous said...

I don't know when or if we will ever meet but if we do... you get a huge bow down cause you are the best!!!!You are THE PUNCH GODDESS!

Ellen Kemper said...

Dear Anonymous - I like your attitude! Donations can be sent to the treasurer of my fan club. Or you can just leave gifts at my feet the day we meet.

I have a HUGE head now - and all I did was spot lips in a pile of scrap paper. You are so easy to please!

Ruby said...

tku for my punch art fix... I did like your scrapbook layout, but I do come back for the punch art. As a matter of fact I have the curly label so I will try this trick. You know I had a 'duh' moment the other day because I realized how many SU stamps coordinate with the punches. I know, I'm so observant!

Stef H said...

and a KISS to you! this is fabulous!

CarrieNixon said...

Genius! Another punch to add to the list. *sigh*

MariLynn said...

Sooo Cute!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

How clever you are!!!! I will try this for certain. Thank you for sharing.

Christine said...

Amazing! Thank you for appeasing my "Punch tooth" hehe

Ruthie said...

He's adorable!!! I like him better than the other bunnies too! You amaze me daily!

Gail said...


Anonymous said...

I hope the day never comes that you run out of inspiration to come up with these fabulous ideas!

Sunshine said...

Hello Ellen! I just wanted to tell you how much I truely enjoy your awesome blog! I am constantly amazed & inspired by the gorjuss things you create with punches! You have now got ME hooked on punches even more than I already was! I just tried out your "lips" & they are just great! Your instructions are SO clear & easy to understnad - many thanks from lil' ol' me downunder in New Zealand!