Monday, March 8, 2010

Wilma! (stretch that out for about 8 seconds)

Remember the end of the Flintstones?  Fred puts the "cat" out and gets locked outside and yells Wilma (3 syllables of Wiii - lllllll - maaaaa!) 

Hee hee, making old Fred has brought back so many memories from that show.  And it reminded me of eating Butter and Jelly sandwiches while I watched.  Actually it was margarine.  And it was Welch's grape jelly.  And it was Mrs. Baird's white bread.  Not exactly nutritious but my favorite early childhood meal. 

Since lots of you commented and emailed that Fred brought back memories I thought I'd give you this easier project. It is almost all circles and ovals - surely you have those?!?

Head - wide oval
Side and top hair - small oval  (I trimmed the side ones straight along her face)
Bangs hair - large oval
Necklace - 1/2 inch circle
Neck - modern label (could just use scrap)
Mouth - tip of small oval in red - piece of standard hole punch in white on top of that.

Draw on your face and hair details following my sample.  Easy!

I'll be sending this to a dear friend - seems like the "Stone Age" since I've seen her.


CarrieNixon said...

Love her! She looks cuter here than she did back in the day. ;)

Don't make a Smurf yet! Everytime I show my son what I made, he hopes it's my own creation... it's usually yours. SO I'm going to try a punch Smurf for him... Don't do one yet!!! :D

Kriss said...

Wilma is cute and yes the memories are running:)

Jacklyn said...

Ellen - Fred and Wilma are so 'life-like' -- I guess that's kind of silly since they're cartoons, but what an incredible job! I really enjoy your blog - I check it every morning.

Carrie Rhoades said...

I just love her. Now the memories are flooding in. I like the drive in part where the put the HUGE bone on the side of the car, funny! I would love to see more Flinstone creations!

Unknown said...

Oh Ellen...Wilma is absolutely ADORABLE!!!!

Carolyn Sharkas said...

Oh, I love it when you take me back to my childhood. Where did all those great cartoons go, seems like there are only monsters on these days. Pokemon and all that. These kids just don't know what they are missing. Wilma is awesome!