Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Famous Purple Dinosaur

Today's punch art is the result of a request from Krista Hood for her niece. 

This brought back many memories since my girls watched the big purple dinosaur over and over and over and over (and over and under and sideways) until I thought I'd NEVER get his songs out of my head.  He originated here in North Texas so we 'discovered' him and watched his videos (constantly) long before he made it onto TV.

I think you will recognize him without me naming any names.

Body - 2 wide ovals one vertical - one horizontal
Belly - large oval
Legs - full heart cut in half
Feet - 1 inch circle
Toes - standard hole punch
Arms - Word window repunched in modern label to get "fingers" - narrowed at wrists with scissors
Head - 1.75 circle trimmed in on both sides at the top
Snout - 1 inch circle repunched with small oval - I used dimensionals to attach this
Mouth - small oval pieces
Eyes - standard hole punch

I am so sorry if you have an annoying tune playing in an endless loop in your brain now.  I purposely didn't mention ANY lyrics or names since I don't want to be responsible for initiating musical pain & suffering - I REALLY hope not to hum songs from "B" all day.


Vicki said...

Ellen, you just never cease to amaze me! Barney never looked better!! Blessings to you!

Nancy Dawson said...

I have a new grandson so I'll hv to get him the DVD and this will be a perfect card. You're amazing! TFS Nancy

Ruby said...

Love him and so life-like too. I knew who he was right away. Don't you just hate it when a song gets caught up in the brain and wont' let go. We appreciate the walk down memory lane and for sharing the assemble.

MariLynn said...

You did an awesome job with B. Brought back lots of memories of when I lived in North Texas with my little girls who also watched him before he was really popular.

Carolyn Sharkas said...

I love you, you love me, we're a happy family, with a great big hug and a kiss from me to you....won't you say you love me toooooooooo.

Darn it! I can remember my kids carrying around a great big talking Barney. I think you did an excellent job on him, too. Thanks for the memories.

Hey, watch your email, I will send you something else.


CarrieNixon said...

My stepdaughter's little guy loves him!!!! Can't wait to use him on something!

Stampin' With Angie said...

LOL!!! When I see the big purple dinosaur, the only thing that comes to my mind is, "BARNEY ATE PATSY! BARNEY ATE PATSY!!!" LOL!

My daugher LOVED Barney when she was little (she'll be 19 in May). So much so that he came to her 2nd party. My parents and their best friends (John & Patsy) helped keep an eye on the little ones running around at the pool and then Patsy needed to go inside for "something".

This is when Barney made "his" appearance. Brittany loved Barney but didn't want to get near him on her own so I picked her up and we walked closer to him so that she could give him a hug. Apparently Barney was positioned perfectly in the sunlight & Brittany could see inside him through his mouth (the black mesh)! That's when the hysterics began!! She was convinced that Barney had made a snack out of Patsy before he came out of the same house that Patsy had walked into a few minutes earlier! Barney made a quick exit so we could calm Brittany down and Patsy came running out of the house to see what was going on. Brittany wouldn't let Patsy out of her sight for MONTHS after that & needless to say, Barney's visit was a VERY short one!

Now, how many times are you going to look at Barney and think, "BARNEY ATE PATSY!!" LOL!

Ellen Kemper said...

Oh my goodness - what a trauma!

Makes a good story now though. Thanks for sharing. I am sure you have that scrapped already, don't you?