Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Wascally Wabbit Hunter

Take a series of Looney Tunes characters, add in the mention of duck hunter on the Daffy post and you had to know this would be coming.  I give you....
Elmer Fudd - Hunter of Wascally Wabbits

Here is the how to:
Hat - 1.75 circle, 2 small ovals - one trimmed
Head  - 1.75 circle trimmed on each side, word window for ears and neck, face drawn on
Hunting Jacket - wide oval for body snipped with star for neckline and shorted with wide oval the other direction
1.75 circle piece back collar
wide heart to heart next to wide heart to heart hole for front collar
half of  1 inch circle for jacket bottom
half of .75 inch circle for jacket bottom
Belt - strip of wide oval
arms - wide heart to heart, word window
legs - small ovals trimmed and rounded at ankles by poking into 1/2 circle punch
boots - wide heart to heart
hands - modern label trimmed with 1/2 circle

Rifle: modern label trimmed, word window pieces, standard hole punch, 1/2 inch circle around small heart to heart hole - trim flat (sorry, I forgot to take a photo of rifle in work)


Stef H said...

geesh! you make it look so easy! you wascal!!!

Migdalia said...

Wow! You're on a roll! Whose next, Taz? lol Luv your punch creations!

Carolyn Sharkas said...

Oh, love Elmer, he is perfect, as usual.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ellen, Just love all your punch art pals. I'm wondering if you have ever made a cow? Would love to see how you make them if you haven't already. Thanks from one of your Canadian admirers, you always inspire me...LindaAv

Debby said...

Perfection!! You always do such a sweet job on these.
Angel hugs