Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Guest Puncher - Joan Hargrove

I almost used an idea from one of my readers for yesterday's soup  page.  Joan Hargrove sent me several (six to be exact) FABULOUS punch art projects that she says she was inspired to make because of moi.  (BIG GRIN here)

So what did Joan send that I could have used on the tortilla soup recipe? 

A soup pot?  No

A veggie conga line? a dancing tortilla?  No and no!

She send me Pastor Punch!  And she has already confessed that she got the idea during a sermon.

The only reason I didn't use this was that I found that video and KNEW Pastor Tom, of Pastor Tom's Tortilla Soup, didn't look like this.  But Pastor Punch is pretty darn clever.  Thanks Joan!  You did a great job. 

Oh, as long as I'm sharing Joan's cleverness, let me show you this one that goes with it.
Isn't she just fab?
Thanks Joan!

Tune in next time for more from the recipe swap - Ohhhhhh the girls did good this month!

"Tune in next time".... how many decades has it been since anyone (besides me) said that?


Anonymous said...

Way to go very clever...these are great...I'd love to know what else Ellen has inspired you to create :)


Carolyn Sharkas said...

These are great! You really do inspire. And I have been known to say that from time to time, does that mean we are old?


Stace said...

what a cute pastor and nun.
And we will tune in next time to see what you and readers have come up with

CarrieNixon said...

Love these guys!

P.S. I haven't been leaving as many comments, this full-time work thing takes 40 or so hours of my stamping and "copying Ellen" time each week. But I check your blog before I leave EVERY morning. :) Have a great weekend.

Debby said...

Tell Joan these are just awesome. I have to figure out what she used to make them for my kids baptism pages. To cute. I am catholic so this hit a good spot for me and pages. My kids have helped father on the alter and all. Love it!
Angel hugs
PS Does she have a blog?

Ellen Kemper said...

No, Joan doesn't have a blog - that is why I posted them here.

These were super cute, weren't they?

kraftykat157 said...

You're both so talented thianks for sharing your talents.