Thursday, March 4, 2010

Rest of the Recipes

I am partial to punch art (well, duh) so, of course, my favorite of the recipe swap is from my upline, Jenifer Lange, because she designed these cute cute CUTE punched veggies:

Not exactly "Veggie Tales" but close.  I love them. 
Makes me want to sing "Oh, Where is my Hairbrush?" and "You are his Cheeseburger"

And here are the rest of the yummy recipes: 
(Click on photos to make larger)
Eileen Flannery:

Becky Adams:

Madeline Escareno (still trying to get her to join as a demo):

Sheila Garcia (former demo):


maryp said...

HMMMM maybe I should tackle my recipe box. Get real ... I can't get all the recipes in one place, much less make them pretty. If there were only a recipe fairy .....

Carolyn Sharkas said...

These sound yummy, all of them. seems to be a theme going on, though, spicy. I love the VeggieTales, too, and these are really close. Have a great day.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have some egg polishing to do. LOL.


Brandy said...

You know I love ya' Ellen! I haven't looked at your blog in WAY too long ... I was thinking that I needed to fix that the other day and here I am home sick looking at all the awesome things you've made (since the Knight). Can I just say from a non-scrapper that I love your pages ... they are just enough, never over-done and I love 'em! Hugs momma E

Ellen Kemper said...

Awww homesick for VC! Aren't we all. Soon - soon!

Thanks for the kind words Brandy. luv you too