Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I have lost track of all the emails requesting a punched wrestler.  I know there have been at least four and I didn't offer these ladies much hope - I really didn't expect to ever figure this one out.

I understand the need for wrestling items. College girl went to her high school homecoming with a wrestler during her Senior year - and down here, in the 'Land of Football', homecoming mums for the girls are the size of basketballs and are approximately the same weight as a large dictionary - personalized with names of the couple and their activities.  The boys wear normal size mums on garters on their arms but they still have to have lots of ribbons and 'stuff' dangling down.

I had to create a mum for this kid (a wrestler) and searched high and low for wrestling items to put on it. Wound up focusing on his other interests because marketers have not yet realized the needs of those who love high school wrestlers.

This probably won't help you with your football floral needs, but might help you with scrapbooks and cards...

These parts are almost the same as Spider-man:
Body - full heart with wide oval at shoulders
Arms - large oval, small ovals
Hands - modern label shortened by small oval - slot thumbs
Legs - large oval, small oval
Boot - Full heart trimmed (heck, I cut so much you might as well just free hand them)

Changes to make him a wrestler:
I switched the upper arms to small ovals (high school - not quite as MANLY yet)
made the boots shorter
gave him a shirt - wide oval punched with small oval for neck and arm holes
gave him shorts  - large oval trimmed over the flesh colored large oval
gave him  - two slot thumbs with fist position (no need for spider webs coming out)
gave him - Stefen Brock (male demo) head
(Stefan didn't know what he started when he sent me that photo and request)

If you aren't a regular reader - the Stefen head is the ornament punch, scallop oval trimmed with star point for hair,word window ears, slot eyebrows, standard hole punch eyes, 1/2 circle trimmed nose, word window neck

You can add wrestling headgear if you want accuracy - but I decided he looks better without it.


CarrieNixon said...

Love it! My son had me to 2 WWE wrestling events, and I am yet to scrapbook the last event. This cutie is so going on my page! Thanks.... again!

Becky said...

Hi Ellen,

This guy is way to funny. My boss used to be a Yu Jit Zu(I think that's how you spell it. lol) wrestler. I just think I might have to make this for him and put it in a frame. I think he might get a kick out him.


Unknown said...

Ellen, you're awesome!
I was one of the "wrestler requesters" so I could make a card for my fourth-grade wrestling nephew. My own efforts pale in comparison to this handsome fellow. I'll be duplicating him soon. Thanks!

Carolyn Sharkas said...

He is great! You are too good.