Saturday, March 6, 2010

Old School Teacher

Teachers love to hear the pitter patter of little feet

... going out to recess.

Did I hear someone say "Amen"?

See Dick Run.

See Jane Run.

See Ellen teach you how to make the teacher.

Head - word window shortened by re-punching
Nose - point of middle arrow My Way
Hair - piece of ornament
Glasses/eye - NON SU oval punch from my stash, scrap strip
Neck - small My Way
collar - small Heart to Heart
top - small oval
sleeves - square punch offset from square hole
skirt - large oval, snipped with scallop square
feet - 5 petal flower trimmed
hand - slot
ruler - scrap strip

Class Dismissed before that mean old teacher whacks me for all the grammatical errors in my posts!


Carolyn Sharkas said...

OMG! I love her, I have so many friends that are teachers, this is awesome.

thanks for sharing


Whimcees said...

You really are good Ms. Ellen! One of your best!

Wishing you a good Sunday!

Barbara Diane

Stamp with Sandy said...

Oh My Goodness!!!! Too Cute!!!! I'm a teacher and all I could do was laugh! GREAT card!


Stef H said...

talent & humor.... i love it! absolutely super! at least u didn't make her a nun!!!!

Carrie said...

Now that is too cute!

maryp said...

That looks like ME!!

Sue from Oregon said...

Creative to the daughters would love this...both being school teachers LOL!

Unknown said...

Too cute...too funny...too FABULOUS!

Stace said...

you are way to funny. And most teachers love the pitter patter of feet on the way to recess except if you have recess duty LOL!!!

Kriss said...

Love the teacher:) Maybe because I am one and the comment was out of this world!