Tuesday, March 23, 2010

In the wild blue yonder...

Karen Bingham needs an airplane (any kind) for her son.  It had never crossed my mind to punch a plane but........ well, why not?
Here's a parts list:
Main plane sections - wide ovals
Wings - small ovals flat on bottom
Tail - large oval trimmed flat on top and small curve cut in with scissors, piece of a small oval on the tail
Engines - 1/2 circle with lines drawn by hand, 3/4 inch circle
Windows Eyes - pieces of work window
Nose Tip - 1/2 inch circle
Stripe - word window punched on edge of paper to get tiny strip
Eye brows - slot
white piece at top of eyes - word window offset from word window hole

Outline your pieces in black to define your plane sections.  I guess you could leave off the "face" elements if you need a more serious looking plane. 

Disclaimer:  This is a work of google inspired fiction. Any resemblance to an actual airplane is purely a result of luck.


Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Thank you so much!! Can't wait to get busy and make these for his birthday invitations! You're awesome!!

Summerose said...

love the disclaimer!

Carolyn Sharkas said...

this little plane is super cute. What will you come up with next? I could never have imagined some of this stuff.