Monday, March 22, 2010

Misheard Lyrics

We have so many family jokes about misheard lyrics.  Hubby is particularly funny with his ridiculous 'hearings' and my girls are notoriously stubborn, insisting that their versions of songs are correct - even when they don't make sense.

But nothing beats the story that goes with today's punch art.  I got a request back in January from Tina Rappe because her daughter misheard the lyrics to a popular Christmas carol.

Tina said, "When my daughter was four (she's nearly 17 now) she would sing songs constantly using her version of the words. One of my favorite songs that she'd dance around the house singing was "Deck the Halls". It was a sweet four year old version of the beloved Christmas carol. The funny part is the words she the song went along instead of singing "Don we now our gay apparel", my daughter would loudly proclaim "Don we call our gay old pharaoh!"

So Ellen, my request to you is....can you make some punch art to depict "Our gay old pharaoh named Don"? I have been thinking for years how much I would love to put this on the front of our Christmas cards with the explanation of where it came from."

Isn't that hysterical?   I'll never be able to hear that Christmas carol without picturing a gay old pharaoh and you may have the same issue after you see this

Don, the Gay Old Pharaoh
(I think Don donned his gay apparel)
If that eyeshadow doesn't make you smile, you need an adjustment to your sense of humor!

I had given him blue eyelids but when Eileen was fulfilling my request for glitter on his neck piece and sandals she glammed him up further.  I told you she has a gift for glitz!

Not sure Tina will want to mass produce this (lots of steps) - but she could make it, take a photo and use THAT on Christmas cards.

I really thought this would be a one time project and that no one but Tina would ever use this.  But within 24 hours Jenifer was doing a museum layout and she used the pharaoh without all the "glam".   So, maybe you can use it today for a good chuckle and again on a layout or card someday in the future.

Here is a picture of part of Jenifer's page using the pharaoh - still shiny but not quite as "out there"

How to make Don:
Face - butterfly
Nose - wing from two step bird
belly - wide oval
legs - small oval
arms - word window, heart to heart
feet - small oval trimmed
sandals - small oval trimmed, thin strips, glitter dots
loin cloth - wide oval trimmed (and trimmed and trimmed until I liked it)
neck piece - 1.75 circle around smaller circle hole
head fabric - wide oval on top - large ovals trimmed on sides
snake - word window shortened - curve from 1 inch circle around 3/4 inch circle hole
eyes - standard hole punch white, 1/2 standard hole punch for eyelids
snake eyes - smallest crop-a-dile hole
hand - modern label trimmed with word window

Don, the gay old pharaoh, donned his gay apparel

Makes you grin, doesn't it?



Unknown said...

this is awesome!!!I love it!

Debby said...

LOL, this is cute, my daughter used to sing Up on the housetop but instead of click, click, click it was quick, quick, quick. We still laugh about that one.
Angel hugs

Gaby said...

Not just really made me laugh. That guy is soooo cool. Love the eye-shadow. *lol*

Michelle said...

I'm not sure what made me laugh more the story or Don, the Gay Old Pharaoh. Love them both.

Amy Watson said...

Now that is just down right hilarious. :D

Carolyn Sharkas said...

HaHaHaHa, too funny!

I have some pictures from Egypt way back in the day and I would love to add Don to my pages.

Thanks so much again for the inspiration, and I hope you had a fantastic time this weekend.


Yapha said...

That is fantastic, and just in time for Passover!

Ellen Kemper said...

I never thought of using a version of this for Passover.

Great suggestion.

Let my people go!

Jane Ralph said...

This is just too cute - I think as a parent we all have similar stories. Thanks for the smile!!

Carol said...

Brilliant lol, love it.

Whimcees said...

Hello Ellen!

I may have said this before, but you are just like that little energy bunny - you keep going and going! :<)

In our house an electric blanket was known as a hot water blanket. Don't ask me why - maybe a connection to a hot water bottle to keep warm. I still have to catch myself not to call it that! :<) Kids are wonderful!

Wishing you a great week!

Barbara Diane

Tina Rappe said...

Oh my Gosh Ellen,
This is so stinkin' funny! What an awesome way to start my Monday. Of Course my daughter is mortified, but hey she's 17, and that happens everyday. I appreciate you making "Don". He will be adorning my Christmas cards this year. You are awesome!
Tina Rappe

CarrieNixon said...

DEFINITELY my favorite punch art I have ever seen. WOW!

t_lockhart5 said...

Ellen - I really love all your punch art. This one is definitely laugh out loud funny. My little kids are asleep already but I probably woke them up with my laughing. Too funny - tears are rolling down my face... you never cease to amaze with your wonderful stories and artwork. Love it all!

Jayne Stenstrom said...

Ahahahahhahahahha!!!! I LOVE Don, the gay old pharaoh! I'm going to send this one on to some of my friends... Thanks for the smile - and for your creativity!