Thursday, March 11, 2010

Scrap the Art - Scrapping Usher

I am loving Scrapping the Art's challenges.  For one, they are fun.  Two, they are challenging to me.  And three, I am giving myself a tiny bit of art education when I research the featured piece.

The current challenge inspiration at Scrap the Art is Daybreak by Joan Miro - a Spanish artist. I suspect most of the entries will be inspired by the colors - how could they not be?  I followed the links to the first few entries - They are WOW cards! Wow Wow Wow. 

I will, however, stick to trying to use the art to inspire my scrapbooking.  (Sorry punch fans - but you can't have copied EVERYTHING I've shown you - you can live without a punch project today.)

Here's what I came up with:

The yellow in the inspiration piece made me immediately think of this photo from the stage of the NBA All Star game last month. The burst of light around Usher as he takes the stage is even a little reminiscent of the star-burst in the art piece. I also used the colors, the thin black lines, a diagonal feature and the black dots. I decided there was enough red in the photos and that red paper would be distracting from the story I was telling so I didn't add any.

Don't get all jealous - these photos look like we had FANTABULOUS seats - and while our seats were good they weren't on the floor.  These photos are courtesy of Jerry Jone's SIXTY YARD WIDE BIG SCREEN in his fantabulous new football stadium.  I mean that baby is HUGE. 
(Fantabulous = fantastic plus fabulous)

The journaling is in black on the blue paper - hard to read in the photo so here it is if you're interested:

The NBA All-Star game was in town this year – on Valentine’s Day. Randy and Scott decided it was the place to be, so they made it a ‘couples’ evening instead of inviting some of the guys to go with them to the game.

While neither Jan nor I would have picked a basketball game as our Valentine’s entertainment, we had a REALLY fun time- dinner at Mariano’s, of course, and then the game.

All I knew going in were the names of a few of the players that no doubt would be there – and which Mavericks had made the All Star team. No clue about anything else that would go on.

I was thrilled when Usher was the opening entertainment. While I am too old and uptight to “approve” of some of his song lyrics, I am not DEAD. This guy is young and Hot and talented and Hot and energetic and Hot.

And did I mention…? HOT!


Vanessa said...

Your take on Miro's Daybreak is HOT! LOL. Usher is a cutie. I really like that you did a scrapbook page. I have gotten away from them and now am thinking about starting a 6x6.

Thanks for joining us at Scrap the Art. Hope to see you next week. Wait until you see the inspiration piece. :), Vanessa

Scrapping Haven said...

Ellen Ellen Ellen. Again what a beautiful layout. My dh would have opted for a game for V-Day too. Not my cut of tea but I wouldnt have minded seeing Usher. lol Great Layout. So inspirations.

Laura said...

hehehe this looks so cool Ellen! What a fabulous idea... ;) and yeah, it really looks HOT! woohoo!

Thanks so much for coming back to Scrap the Art... good luck (again) and hope to see you back at our next challenge.


Gail said...

That is a fantastic layout! And did I mention that it includes a mighty HOT guy? :) You made my day!

Michelle said...

Awesome layout,loooooove Usher. Thanks for joing us over at Scrap The art.
Michelle Rivera