Friday, February 12, 2010

Dah dah dah, dah dah dah, do do - dah dah dah dah ...

That is just me humming a song from a Peanuts special.  I was still thinking Peanuts and since SU doesn't have many options for music lovers/players/teachers/aficionados I had to try this.
Does that ROCK?  Since this is Schroeder it would be CLASSIC(AL) Rock!

I was STRUGGLING with the piano and then....DING DING DING - the light came on and bells were ringing and the angels sang the hallelujah chorus!  (slight exaggeration for effect) 

The ease of making the piano should make you face North Texas and bow to my genius.  You don't have to actually get on the floor - a simple (yet respectful) bend at the waist will suffice.

Take a rectangle of red paper - 3/4 inch by 1.75 inches (approx)

With the punch upside down so you can see... insert one corner of this rectangle into the 'corner' of the Designer Label punch.  This is the PERFECT shape for the upper left corner of the piano!

Next, with your corner rounder, round the other 'top' corner

Trim out the curve on the bottom  left  right with scissors - now that I think about it - why not just punch it out with your word window?  Editing cause I was obviously EXHAUSTED by house cleaning and too tired to proof anything when I posted.

Add the four lines you see on mine (one for the piano top and 3 for the curve of the instrument)

Slot punch legs and you are done!

NEXT - Schroeder:
1 3/8 circle head - trimmed on right side

word window - ears, neck, leg, arm, sock

flower trio - hand (trim to three fingers)

large oval body - stamped with solid stripe and trimmed flat at bottom and neck

small oval pants - shortened with scissors

small oval sleeve - from stamped paper used for shirt/body, snipped to shorten for short sleeve

word window repunched to shorten for shoe

1 3/8 circle TRIMMED as shown below for hair

face drawn on - don't freak out - it is just a backwards 'c' for the nose - two dots for the eyes and a line for the mouth - even YOU can draw that!

Here is the hair trim photo - only hard part of the whole thing...

Butterfly punch - trimmed one 'section' off (put your left ear on your left shoulder and you will see the butterfly)
Arms - smallest my way arrow
Front paws - flower trio trimmed to 3 petals
Hind paws - 3/4 circle punch reinserted and repunched to get the shape you see
Ears - small heart (new) hole - re-punch offset below the hole to get these "almost" heart shapes
nose - part of a standard hole punch
collar - slot punch
mouth and eyes drawn

Are you humming yet?  Dah dah dah, dah dah.dah...


Christine said...

wow! that is genius once again..

Anonymous said...

YOU Rock!!!
Love this card, great job on the Peanuts characters, you are making it very hard to have just one favorite of all the characters you've made.

This will work great for Blake's scrapbook pages, although somewhere down the road I'll be begging for a drummer! :)

Hope all is getting back to normal at your house.


Anonymous said...

Bravo Ellen...pure genius!!


CarrieNixon said...

Perfect! And welcome back! :)

leslie said...

These are SO cute. And now I have the Peanuts song playing in my head on a continuous feed loop. :-)

Ellen Kemper said...

Me too Leslie - still humming the next morning.

Hey I forgot to list small oval punch for the sleeve on our pianist. But you all knew that anyway, didn't you?

I need to try Pig Pen - I could use that in my Book of Me. I got the house halfway together but ugh! ...the floors... 8, 9 , 10 inches of snow meant there was no since mopping floors. I have a dog and a kid with friends....

Whimcees said...

Wow! A little rest and you are ready to go again! :<) Great characters!

You do love what you are doing and it shows in your creations! But do take care of yourself too! :<)

Wishing you a Happy Valentine weekend! :<)

Barbara Diane

Anonymous said...

Ellen this is just fantastic you are great.

Patricia Gessner said...

Ellen, Welcome back. Missed you. Love this it is such fun!! Thanks

Carolyn Sharkas said...

Awesome, as usual, my friend. 8 inches of snow????? WoW! I wish we
could have snow, if it's gonna be this cold, may as well, at least it would be something to talk about!

Stay warm


t_lockhart5 said...

I love the whole PEANUT series - and ALL your punch art and scrap pages for that matter. How clever to make the perfect piano. My little boys are just now getting into the good ole' Charlie Brown videos (3 and 6) so this gives me a little time to take a crack at your wonderful art. Thanks so much for sharing your talent!

Anonymous said...

I was browsing through your blog today and found these Peanuts Characters....just genius! I will have to try them. My husband was a Peanuts fan in his younger years and I just went through a bunch of stuff from when we were dating and found lots of cards with peanuts characters. I need to make one of these for him - just because! Thanks so much for sharing.