Sunday, February 7, 2010

Two more recipes

No punch art on these two recipe cards from the swap - but I can personally vouch for these peanut butter cookies.  Eileen baked them for our meeting.  YUMMY!
She added crystal effects to the mixing bowl so it really looks like a ceramic bowl

Here is Madeline's recipe - I'm betting it is good too.
 Her parents own a restaurant - um-mm, I think I may have found a second source for great recipes.

Click on photos if you want to be able to read the recipes.


Sharon Field / Inky A*Muse-ment said...

Yum, I love dessert! The cobbler sounds great! I wish I wasn't the only one my house that likes blackberries.. I would have to eat the whole thing myself!

Anonymous said...

Surfed blogs one day and happened to come upon yours. I have been tuning in ever since. You have the neatest punch art I have ever seen. I am now addicted to this blog. Thank you SO much for sharing your delightful creations. STARTS MY DAY WITH A SMILE AND I LOVE IT!!
Judy B.

Stef H said...

oh i should definitely take heed. my recipe file is a total mess. these are fabulous!

hugs :)