Monday, February 1, 2010

Valentine Mailbox

Confession.  I promised myself not to sign up for any swaps (except my upline's) for 5 months.  Then I turned around and signed up for my Hot Swappin Mamas scrapbook swap again.  I am so naughty - but I had the Cupid idea and I just had to swap him with someone!  You understand right?  I'm not too weak and spineless, am I?

I am supposed to make three 3-D items for this Valentine Swap and am supposed to use Real Red, Pretty in Pink, Vanilla, Chocolate Chip, Close to Cocoa, and Creamy Carmel (typing that name always makes me want sweets)

I remade Cupid with Close to Cocoa hair to meet the requirements and I made a mailbox for my second item.  This shows the completed mailbox plus just the "wood" parts so you can see how it is made.

Wood Post:
Stamp Chocolate Chip (yes, I said STAMP, I do own some Plenty!) with the Wood-grain background.
5/16 inches by 4.25 long for the basic post
5/16 inches by 1.5 long for the cross beam
1.75 circle punched around a 1 3/8 inch hole - cut into quarters for the curved piece
1/2 inch circle for knob

1.5 inch by 7/8 inch rectangle - round one corner, sponge with ink
large oval - trim sides "flat" and trim approx in half to fix box, sponge with ink

Small heart on door
heart to heart on 1/2 circle and scrap of read for flag (mounted with brad and yes, it is movable)


Anonymous said...

over the top K-U-T-E! love it!
Pam Going Postal

Carolyn Sharkas said...

And I had to sign up, just so I would get one of your Cupids, lol. I see I get this awesome mailbox, too. SWEET!!!

I sent my swaps off today, I chose tiles this time. You can see them on my blog tomorrow.

What is your last item, are you gonna show it? Pretty Please?


Jeanne Nielsen said...

I understand your weakness, and with ideas like you have, I'd have to participate too! I can see so many ideas for this mailbox on a scrapbook page!