Monday, February 22, 2010


Babies on pause... (don't you wish they did have a pause button?) while I show you another scrapbook challenge (Sorry punch fans).

This is for my BOM (book of me) and the challenge (from Challenge Masters) was to scrap about MEDIA.  (I feel obligated to put something in ( )s here since I seem to have that theme going this post)...

I would be concerned that this layout ages me (who like newspapers anymore?) but I have already confessed that I am old, gray and senile so whats to lose by sharing my passion for more Paper and Ink?

Is that why I like my newspaper? - because it is paper and ink?  Could be...

Here is the journaling for those of you who care to read it:

I just can’t help it.
I know Internet News is up to the minute and easy access, delivered right to my computer screen but I love my NEWSPAPER.
And my newspaper is the Dallas Morning News.
I love doing my personal check of the weather as I go outside first thing in the morning to pick it up off the front sidewalk.
I love the smoothness of the paper that no one else has crinkled.
I love folding the page “just so” to work my Sudoku puzzle.
I love sharing the paper and the kitchen table with Randy on the weekends.
I love that my friend Liz asks “Are services are over at the Church of the DMN?” when she calls on Sunday. She knows I’ve been reading the Dallas Morning News.
I love having the crucial supply if someone has a paper-mache project or needs to wrap dishes to move or needs a current event for a school assignment.
I love being able to “save” a record of what was happening on the day my children were born (or when a world changing event occurs.)
I know that newspapers are a dying breed but I sure hope they hang on for a few more decades. Life will not be the same without my newspaper.

Note: The print on my title lettering is from the first printing of my journaling (I didn't like the shape I chose)  So this layout has "recycled" paper on it.  Another great thing about newspapers... recyclable!

And here is some punch news:

Run, do not walk, but RUN to Lucia's blog each day this week.  She did the entire alphabet in punched animals. (a fundraiser for her kid's pre-school)  You have to see the awesome job she and her mom, Anita, did!!!  And check back everyday - you don't want to miss her whale!

What are you doing still here?  I told you to go check out Lucia's blog!


Carol said...

I love the layout and your journaling! I gave up reading newspapers some time ago, I just never seem to find the time now lol.

CarrieNixon said...

I LOVE the newspaper, but since I left the nest, I have never subscribed. I was getting sad everytime I read about kids being bullied on the bus, or some youth found torturing a kitten. When I go to mom's, I read it front to back.

What else I love is this Book of Me. What a great idea. I rarely make the scrapbook as I'm also the photographer. I'm going to spend a little bit of time on that site tomorrow..... I have joined groups, just haven't done anything yet!

Carolyn Sharkas said...

I'm going, I'm going, Geez!

LOL, love the page, I need to make mine for my BOM. I have one page, but a girls gotta start somewhere.