Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Family Foolishness

Hi, my name is Ellen and I am a challenge addict. 

This time it is a color challenge with a twist.  Must use Red and Black with 2 other colors AND have the word 'family' in your title.  This challenge came from Scrapbook Challenges.

The colors were no challenge for me - easy peasy to find photos for red and black (and white and pink). 

But finding photos to go with those colors and the title FAMILY was hard and THAT is why they call them 'challenges'!

My fave part of this layout (besides the photo) is the little "funny" hanging on the beaded wire.  I just like it!

And my un-fave part is that I used my own awful printing.  That was challenging.  But someday my girls will appreciate seeing their old mom's sloppy scrawling.  (Ick)


Gail said...

The "funny" on beaded wire was the first thing that caught my eye - I love it, too! The whole layout (including your beautiful daughter!) is gorgeous.

Carolyn Sharkas said...

Well, I love it, as usual, and I love looking at your scrawly writing. The little word on the beaded hanger is genius, but you already knew that.