Friday, February 19, 2010

A "survey" type thing

Carrie (who loves my polls) sent me an email yesterday saying "I thought I'd make a "survey" type thing for YOU! I think your devoted fans wonder all the time about you and what makes you tick. :)"

Ummmm....if anyone is wondering about this old gray haired lady all the time, I can say with some degree of confidence that they need to seek professional help.  I will assume that was an exaggeration to get me to answer the questions so.....all six of my devoted fans keep reading - those of you who just come for the free punch art ideas can stop reading right now and move on to the next blog.

Favorite SU color? 
Easy - Chocolate Chip.  I make a purposeful effort not to reach for it for every project.  Everything goes with Chocolate Chip!  (plus the name is just so....... yummy!)

Favorite SU stamp set?
Hard question.  I assume you mean current sets?   I love the bear from Under the Stars and I love Baroque Motifs (not exactly a matching set are they?)  I use Cheers to You a lot.  And the solid stripe is perfect for punch projects.  There is just too much variety in the stamps to choose a favorite.  Solid stripe sits on my desk and doesn't have another home - so maybe it is my fave?

Favorite SU punch? Only one, Ellen !!! 
That is not a fair question.  Did I ask you to pick a favorite from among your children?  I'll narrow it down to three - Circles, Ovals and Others.  Oh....., that isn't what you wanted to know?
I guess I can say that I favor the Butterfly and the Ornament because they have unique shapes that can be used so many ways.  But gosh, you know I love them ALL!   Wait, that is not true.  I never liked that snowflake blossom that they retired and I can live without the tag corner punch.  I like it but I would not mourn if it was retired.

If you were the Stampin’ Up! version of Oprah, what would you give us, your audience at Christmas, as your Favorite Things?
Confession - I don't watch Oprah's give away shows, but kiddo and I watched a few of that "other" Ellen's give-aways this past Christmas season.  BUT if I was to give my audience my favorite would be a years supply of cardstock, several packs of DSP, a tower of mini glue dots, ALL the SU punches and the confidence to use them creatively, a Big Shot, the texture plates and both sets of alphabet dies (and I'd throw in a bunch of ribbon too - I like ribbon.)

Worst part of being a blogger? 
WORRYING about making a total fool of yourself when you put your work and your blathering out there for anybody with computer access to see

Favorite part of being a blogger?
Comments!!!!!!!! - the ones that say more than "cute project" - the ones that give me a peek into my readers personalities and lives  -  and the ones where I know they are actually using the ideas I'm throwing out.  Email from readers is just as good as comments!

When you’re not punching, you’re_________.
Reading blogs?  Eating out?  Running Errands?  Helping the aging parental folk?  80% of the time it would be one of these four.

A punch you’d like to see introduced in an upcoming catalogue?
I am open to anything - I made disparaging mental comments about the ornament punch when it came out (that's stupid - it is so limited- etc.)  Ha - proved my own self wrong on that.  So I'll take whatever they give and bad mouth it a little so that I can learn to love it like the ornament.  I'd suggest a primitive heart, a crown, a teardrop and a HAND.  I need hands in assorted sizes 'cause that is absolutely the hardest part of my characters.  I don't think I'll get that last request but maybe....


Tracey Clay said...

Great survey, thanks for sharing. I come here to get away from the real life stuff!! A friend happened to say their daughter loved the 7 dwarves. I said Ooh Aah, we can do something special from Ellen and they loved it!!! Also, my daughter needed more tissue at school and we had to do the sneezy-achoo tissues!!! Love it!!

CarrieNixon said...

Awww, you're too sweet for doing this! I LOVED reading it!

I know people always say "LOL" but I literally laughed out loud when you said about not making me choose a favorite between my children. :) Funny girl!

I'd love to see a teardrop too, makes for cute eyes.

Thanks so much for filling this out. When I think of other things I'm wondering 'bout ya, I'll compile another list of questions.

Who wouldn't want to read this? How many people read PEOPLE magazine, to read about their idols, and fave celebrities? You're my favorite celebrity, even if you haven't been on PEOPLE's cover just yet. :)

Have a fab weekend!

Kriss said...

Ellen, I love your blog!!!! I read it as first thing in the morning to getting ready for work or just in bed on the weekends. Your imagination is always welcome and I have made many of your projects. I have used your ideas to do a class with and the ladies LOVED them!! You are awesome and wonderful to share with all the world:)

Stef H said...

r we related????? you definitely had me chuckling. and never, ever, worry about making a fool of yourself on blogging. we're all fools! we love what everyone says about us and to us. we smile, we laugh, we say.... we are great! you will NEVER be a fool blogging. we all love u!

Whimcees said...

Dear Ellen,

Your work and your blathering - as you put it - start my day every day with a smile and inspiration. :<)

Know that your blinkin', thinkin' & inkin' are a blessing that so many of us are happy you share! :<)

Barbara Diane

Lucy said...

I too enjoyed reading your survey answers, but I felt bad that you feel people just come for the free punch ideas. You are definitely part of my day, but like a good neighbor, know when to offer advise, criticism and when to leave well enough alone. Funny I too thought the ornament and butterfly punches were too limited, but you saw their potential. Please keep on being part of our daily lives. Signed, Your devoted fan!

Carolyn Sharkas said...

Well, you know I'm a fan, even way before you started blogging, blathering and all. LOL


Sarah said...

I love reading your blog- you have a great sense of humour! I would also love a hand punch :-) You're work is so amazing and always inspiring- it's nice to get to know the person behind the punch art!

Anonymous said...

Great Survey,
great blog
You ar so talented and what a great sense of humor you have

Elaine Wright said...

Thank you so much for answering Carrie's Survey. I enjoyed learning more about you and reading your fun answers. You know that new single stamp with the thermometer? I would have to go up past the one that says I like you but not like a stalker. If your blog is on the toolbar at the top of my browser that probaly makes me a stalker, huh? Thanks for the fun!

Ellen Kemper said...

Oh Elaine - you soooooo crack me up! Thanks for inflating my big old head.


Carey said...

OK I have to go with Elaine in I like you but not like a stalker. I wish they had more on the stamp so it wasn't just something you would give hubby. I would like it to give to a friend but they would think I am quirkier (word?) than I am already if I did it now. Thanks for letting us into the mind of Ellen. Your stuff is cute and inventive and quirky and makes me laugh a lot. Thanks for the fun. I love what you do and make things occasionally with them for my stamp group. They think I am so talented except for Vickie who looks at your blog a lot and knows the truth.

Carey Rogers
aka Roscoe's mommy (the dog with the extremely muddy feet at this time)

Christine said...

So I guess we proved you wrong when you thought that there were only 6 "True" friends that would read past the top! I enjoyed all of your answers.. Chocolate chip paper I love too, the bear from under the stars and baroque motifs I love love love and sadly dont own yet =o( if only money were not an issue! If you ever do have an oprah show I am there! Your giveaways sound fab! Keep up the awesome job and I don't think you should ever worry about making a fool of yourself.. you are a punch art queen and for that I am extremely greatful!

Jeanne Nielsen said...

I loved reading your answers! I'm with you on the chocolate chip, and I'm definitely with you on wanting a teardrop punch -- don't you think that would make the best, most expressive eyes maybe? I guess that would really depend on the size of the teardrop LOL!! As for what I do 80% of the time, it's spent catching up on the wonderful blogs and "blatherings" that I'm not creative enough to come up with myself -- it's like I need jumper cables -- get me started (with an idea) and watch me take off!! Thanks so much for all your inspiration! Love it!!!