Saturday, February 6, 2010

A little lovin' from the oven

This is the oven that almost wasn't....

My sideline, Becky Adams, had a vision of the oven she wanted to use on her recipe swap.  She just didn't have the time to pull it together.  In fact, she told us she wasn't coming since she wasn't finished with her swap but we talked that busy girl into showing up at the meeting.  Once we saw the start of her project we all threw out ideas and ta-dah!  We all left the meeting with an oven with a steaming pot AND a pie. 

You could add the name of your recipe on the top left corner and put the recipe on the back OR you could add "Ellen's Recipes" and use it for the front of a recipe book. 

Please don't use "Ellen's Recipes" if your name isn't Ellen - that just doesn't make sense.

And don't use "Ellen's Recipes" if your family has any experience with my cooking because they will think you are trying to poison them. 

But if you are making me a recipe book as a gift, please use "Ellen's Recipes" because all your good recipes will be mine since it is my present. 

Would you like for me to hush now and discuss the 'how to make it'?

For the oven:
Back rectangle 3 5/8  x 3
Front rectangle 3 3/8 x 2 1/2  round 2 corners
Retired key tag punch unto front rectangle  - use transparency or clear window sheet behind hole
1/4 inch strip of barely banana for top of oven - use 4 brads for knobs
word window punch (punch on edge so you just get part) for door handle (cut dimensionals into thin pieces and pop up handle)
word window for oven feet
piece of silver cording for oven rack
attach the door with adhesive on the bottom and with double stacked dimensionals on the top so the door is slightly ajar

For the pot:
Retired key tag punch in silver - cut (obviously)
Arrow from My Way punch for pot handle
Drew smoke by hand with going gray marker and went  back over the gray with a glitter pen (not SU)

For the pie: (strongly influenced by something I remembered from Andrea Walford's blog)
Scallop oval in creamy caramel - repunched with scallop oval for pie top - sponge with close to cocoa for "browning" and draw on three slits
Pie pan is the tip of the retired key tag in silver (again) (Isn't it nice how the cookware matches?)

This punch project reminds me of a "funny on me" story.  My dishwasher leaked - warping our faux wood floor a couple of years back - so I switched to tile (thank you Insurance Company).  An older man and his son came to do the tile installation and they moved my range/oven so the tile could be installed under it.  The son said "Wow, this is like a new antique!"  I guess my 25 year old range with the analog clock/timer does look pretty old and yet new at the same time.  It is so rarely used and it is the ONLY appliance in the house we haven't had to replace.  I like to quip that my children are the only ones in the world that think a stove top should be cleaned with a feather duster.  And that is only a slight exaggeration.


Whimcees said...

A feather duster?!

You bring me a smile on my darkest days! You are so funny! :<)

Wishing you a great weekend!

Barbara Diane

Carolyn Sharkas said...

Too cute! So is the story. I am not really a good cook either, my hubby and I cook together alot now that we are eating healthy, he
is a good cook, so we are eating pretty good meals these days.