Sunday, February 14, 2010

Snowy Snowy Night...

Scrap the Art is a NEW challenge group where they show an art piece and you use it as inspiration.  I am getting in on their first challenge Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh:

And here is my layout...

First, the photo reminded me of Starry Night so that was an easy choice.  It was taken before sunrise the day of our BIG SNOW.

I borrowed the 'moon', the dark strip and the yellow circles from the painting.

Glad I tried this - I would have been messing around with dark blue paper and white snowflakes for this layout and by doing this challenge I went a different direction.  While it is no 'masterpiece', I think attention is drawn to the photo - which is what I want - and the moon and circles still convey nighttime on the light paper. 

I made the year prominent because this will be part of North Texas history now - 2010, the year of the big snow. 

It doesn't look so nice around here now  -the beautiful white has turned to spotty mush and the peaceful quiet has been replaced by the whirl of chainsaws as we clear up broken limbs.  We lost two big ones on our Live Oak but I have a friend that lost her entire tree.  I will have to check her address now - I always just pulled up to the house with the biggest tree.  Sad.


Michelle said...

Love your scrap page....I absolutely love snow.
Thanks for playing along at Scrap The art.
Michelle Rivera

Veronica said...

Great layout. I like the colors you chose for this and the "Snow" layout. I've not used sketches much either but like what I've seen on the link you posted so will give it a try.

Raven B said...

This is surely a masterpiece as beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But I'm partial I have a good eye. :) It's simply wonderful. Thanks for playing with us at Scrap the Art

Jenni said...

Your lovely photo stands out beautifully just as you intended. A great take on our first challenge. Hope you join in with many more!
Jenni x

Laura said...

What a wonderful idea! I love your take on our first challenge. So simple and crisp! It really is something unique and I am glad we inspired you in creating it.
I hope you will come back to Scrap The Art :)


Carolyn Sharkas said...

Wow, what a great page and absolutely beautiful pictures. I want snow.....


Ali Dantre said...

Ellen, such a beautiful card. I adore snow scenes. Thanks for sharing and Thank you for playing 'Scrap the Art' hope to see you again!