Monday, February 15, 2010

5 Heart Challenge

Sorry punch fans - it is another scrappin' day.  I am on a challenge jag. 

This was for Challenge Masters Recipe Challenge - which was to do a layout using 5 different and unique hearts - I have my hearts: punched and embossed, punched and stamped, chipboard, rub-on, stamped, die-cut on pattern paper and just plain punched. 

Hubby doesn't like his photo taken but I occasionally sneak one in - this reminds me of Wilson, the TV neighbor to Tim 'the tool man' Taylor who ALWAYS had his face hidden.  Eventually you all will get to see hubby - but I have lots of this type photo.

Our dog adores my husband - and yes, the dog plays "rebound".  If hubby is outside, TJ is right beside him and his basketball is a favorite toy.

The you&me stamp was one I bought at a clearance store a year or so back and promptly forgot.  Glad I stumbled across it for this layout.
I will try to come up with a new Heart Punch project soon for all you punch fans as your reward for wading through my challenge stuff.


Gaby said...

What a great layout.
The story with the photos must be a man thing.

My hubby is the same way. *wink*

Even you don't see faces in those pictures, I still love them, because they look "more real" than most face-pictures.

Have a nice day.

CarrieNixon said...

I love it! I also love the "You & Me" stamp and the primitive brown heart..... is that the punch, or rub-on? I would love a punch like that!

I like the scrapbook pages, it's gearing me up to do some of my own.

Gail said...

Scrap all you want - we love ALL your artwork whether scrappin' or punchin' :) Thanks for more inspiration!