Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Girls

I really do have a couple more baby ideas in work but I'm still on that Scrappin' Challenge jag and need to make hay while the sun shines (That is a weird phrase to come out of this city girl - must have come from Mom - her dad was a farmer)
This is for the February Sketch challenge at Challenge Masters - it was a darling sketch - the row of circles was suggested as a row of varied sizes all mixed up - but I had so much going on with the pattern paper I simplified the sketch.  Then all the circles I had already punched were in a pile on the corner of the page and  I decided I liked them there so I glued them down.

Confession - I have been hoarding this paper since 2006.  I bought an extra pack just as it was retiring because I loved it and then I couldn't bring myself to cut into it.  Is that the most ridiculous scrappers habit there is?  Well, I'm guilty but trying to reform.


Karen said...

I'm so there with you on hoarding!!! I've heard there is a HA (Hoarders Anonymous) group. I"ve got paper that I bought when I first joined in 2004! Slowly but surely we will beat this habit!!
Good luck and lovely layout!

Veronica said...

Great layout! I like this sketch.

Stef H said...

what beautiful girls on such a beautiful page. i absolutely love those circles!

and oooooooo am i ever guilty of hoarding too!

Carolyn Sharkas said...

great layout and pictures. I like the circles but I'm not good with my circle cutter, so I seldom do things with circles unless I can punch them.

I do the same thing with paper. I have enough hoarded that I could easily wallpaper my whole house. HA! Then all my SU stuff would match and look like it's supposed to be there.


Ruby said...

...me too with a capital "H". I just know that I will one day beat this, but who's trying! Lovely girls, not a scrapbooker, but love the layout nonetheless.

Scrapping Haven said...

You are not the only one. I'm the biggest hoarder. But I just realized it and I'm trying to work on it. lol