Thursday, February 4, 2010

Recipe Swap - Jenifer's peach

I know - how cute is that peach?  This was designed by my talented upline, Jenifer Lange.  Looks just like a real peach huh?

Want to know how to make it? 

I knew you would.

It is a circle punch - 1.75 inch - so saffron.

Using the negative piece (the hole) - put that over your circle - offset about half way.  Using a q-tip inked in dusty durango, draw a thick-ish curved line along the edge of the hole. 

Lightly sponge (pounce) dusty durango on the right and left side of your peach (leave the inside of the circle alone). 

Take your sponge with so saffron ink and then rub all over the parts you just pounced - this smooths out the dusty durango. 

Finally take  just a little ruby red and add it at the very top of your peach (near the "line")  You can smooth this out with so saffron sponging/rubbing also.

Using scissors, trim in a tiny bit on each side of the "line" on the bottom - and trim at the line (like an apple) at the top.

Add leaves from the 5 petal flower and a stem from some scrap and viola - delicious fuzzy looking paper peach!

I'll share the rest of the recipe swaps this weekend.

And I'm sorry but I'm having to change the blog to moderate all comments - someone has left nasty stuff in another language two days in a row.  If it stops soon, I'll change back but I just can't tolerate anyone posting awful stuff in the comments.  Isn't it sad that people feel the need to do that?


If you haven't seen Jackie Topa's new punched rabbit go right now and look HERE - it is the cutest thing ever!


Ellen Kemper said...

Ok, just because I said I was moderating comments doesn't mean you shouldn't leave any.

Anyone reading today?

Carey said...

Of course, I am reading. I sent your addy to Patrice (from VC_Rocks). She wanted some ideas about how to use her punches. So I hit her over the head with your GREAT blog. She is going to get more ideas then she knows what to do with. I think this is just a peachy keen (ha ha) post and actually love the look. Only one criticism-I can't read the recipe for the easy peach cobbler and think you should post it so those of us that need new glasses can read it. Roscoe needs something yummy to steal off of the counter to munch. Love ya girl,

aka Roscoe's mommy

Ellen Kemper said...

Carey, did you click on the photo? - that makes it come up larger - and even my old eyes can read it then.

Let me know if that doesn't work and I'll send you the recipe.