Saturday, February 27, 2010

Time for Round Ball

When I was poking around Goggle looking for baseball poses I came upon basketball inspiration. 

You knew the Inspiration Fairy checks into the Google Hotel for rest and relaxation, didn't you? That is where I find her when she isn't hovering over my punch drawer. If you need her, check there. She is often on the clip-art floor or in the cartoon suite.

Anyway, back to basketball...

Obviously a younger player (not a pro) since he is mainly feet (not tattooed muscle). "Mainly feet" is a pretty good description of a lot of young teen boys I think.  Except in real life, he would have much fancier and expensive shoes with some famous logo on them.

I almost did his hair in Apricot Appeal so I could give him a wee moustache and call it apricot fuzz instead of peach fuzz but I figured telling you all that was as good a giggle as actually doing it.

I did have a basketball request from Janice for her grandson so maybe this will get her started.  Janice, if your grandson is younger leave the eyebrows off - those seemed to age him a few years.

Here is a photo I took before assembly (and before eyebrows)

Only part that might not be clear is the shirt - wide oval - cut almost in half - trimmed three times with the word window for neck and both arm holes.  And the hair is just like Stephen Brock - male demo.  And you will notice that some of the word windows were shortened by reinserting them and punching again.

I tried to make a basketball by drawing the lines on a circle but it was much easier to use the "Just Basketball" stamp.  Stamped in pumpkin pie on white - sponged really rust around the edges.

Gale Foster emailed that she needs a girl basketball player so I'll be trying that for tomorrow's post.  I know the pose I want to use.  I guess you will find out tomorrow if I was successful with it or not.


Anonymous said...

Thank you all so much for this basketball player. My grandsons birthday card! you came through with my request...THANK YOU Janice Ps Now I have another request and another grandson who is a runner.

Robbe said...

These little sports guys are fantastic....will definately get used in my you have any Paint Balls guys up your creative sleeve? **grin**

Ellen Kemper said...

Janice, for a runner use the same character - just position his arms and feet differently. You can do it! Give it a try.

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and I am loving it! Thank you for all the fabulous ideas. I am having trouble with the shoes. Regular readers of your blog probably know all about how they are made, but I am clueless.

Anonymous said...

OK... I think I am starting to get it.... I see a punk rocker in the hair of your basketball player! LOL!

Ellen Kemper said...

Shoes are half a butterfly punch - this time I added a little notch.

Anonymous said...

Oh, now I see it. Thanks so much Ellen.