Sunday, February 21, 2010

Thinking Babies

I'm thinking babies. 

OMG NO! - not ME and babies!

Not even me and grand-babies! 

Just thinking babies in general.  I went to a baby shower Saturday and the little gifts were so cute.  Plus I am working on some first birthday invites for a friend's granddaughter so I have little ones on the brain.

Of course before you get babies you have to do the preggers part. (We won't discuss what you have to do before the preggers part - this blog attempts to remain PG-13) 

I saw a DARLING card by Stephanie Sullivan (using an electronic cutting system) that inspired me to pull out the punches again.  It was on a demo only site so I can't link you but I'm trying to learn if she has it posted anywhere else.  Edit:  Sara (thank you) found Stephanie's card on Facebook and even non-facebookers can see it HEREIn the mean time, Here is my card...

Cute huh?

Kinda has that abstract - partial punch look. (Anybody working on the challenge?)

I'm pretty confident that you all are LOVING this little mama-to-be so let me tell you how to make her.

Hat - part of large oval, part of 1 inch circle
Head - 3/4 inch circle
Hair - part of 3/4 inch circle
Neck and ankles - smallest arrow in My Way Arrows
Arm - ring from large oval punch around small oval hole
Hand - standard hole punch (trimmed)
Legs - modern label punch - trimmed in on both sides
Shoes - 5 petal flower - trimmed like I do on so many shoes
Shirt - part of small oval punch - part of a circle (just a bit larger than 2 inches) trimmed
Bag - round tab punch and ring from large oval around small oval hole

Pattern paper is from the Sweet Pea DSP stack in the new mini catty.  Thanks Stephanie for the inspiration!


Trina said...

How adorable and inventive! TFS.

CORSAI57 said...

Oh my goodness I love it. Just perfect thank you for sharing with us. Can't wait to see babies. .

Anonymous said...

Hi Ellen,

What a great idea for a card...

I wonder if this is the original card you saw...its posted on Stephanie's Cutie Pie Cards page...!/photo.php?pid=3367451&id=107206042088


Rebecca said...

I loved it. My daughter in law is pregnant with her 2nd child. I will make one to surprise her. Thanks

Mary said...

Oh, Ellen, I saw the card that was your was very cute. But this...well, this is FABULOUS! I have to make invites for a baby show I am giving jointly for a niece and I'm thinking how cute this is and how cute it would be...but I need 60. I think that might be biting off more than I can chew. Thanks for sharing your creativity.

Stef H said...

absolutely stunning card!

Ellen Kemper said...

Sara, I don't facebook (gasp) so it could be the card but I can't see it to check. She was in softer shades and had her arm swinging behind her with a purse. Legs, arm, hair different. It was really really cute!

Ellen Kemper said...

Mary, Pg lady is really easy - I think the only hard part is the shoes. If you design your invitation to only show the top 3/4 of her you could do 60 - just do it assembly line style.

Unknown said...

Love it! Now I have to get the punch to make the shoes...TFS.

Anonymous said...

Ellen, you don't need a facebook account to view this card its in the public domain, open for all to see.


Ellen Kemper said...

Thanks Sara - it was the card and I have edited the post.

I can't stand it when I can't give credit to the originator for their work.

It is such a great card - And obviously many of you liked it too - since several of you remembered seeing it.

Ruby said...

Great punch art, it is really good to give credit to the pregrancy and the carrier as much is given to the product thereafter. Thanks also for the directions, I play a game by trying to guess the punches before I see your list to see how cloe I was.

Ruby said...

... and by the way you didn't fool me with the purse, but so clever of you to use a punch normally thought of as having only one usage.

Ellen Kemper said...

Oh Ruby - I love that you have a guessing game with the punches! I like to do stuff like that.

I am certainly not the first to use that punch as a purse though - I can't take credit for that idea at all.

Anonymous said...

Stinkin' cute! And I need a card like this for an upcoming shower!

Unknown said...

Ellen, I love how you made this card. I am going to have to case it. I need to send one to my daughter-in-law who just posted a "baby bump" photo on her facebook. She will get a kick out to this. Thanks for sharing,
Frances Hicks

Unknown said...

This is just TOO freakin' CUTE! I'm saving it in my favorites for the next time I have someone expecting in my circle of acquaintances. It's so cute I might have to just find a stranger to make one for! ;)

Elizabeth said...

I love love love this! SO cute and thank you for including the how too and I'm totally clueless! LOL. Thanks for sharing :)


Carolyn Sharkas said...

Well, I know that's the way I looked, like I was carrying a litter, lol. So cute, Ellen. I love her and that Sweet Pea paper behind her. I haven't used mine, don't want to waste it, you know. I think SU should put out just that print in packs of 10, different colors would be fine, too. just that print.


Leena Girsa said...

Hi Ellen!

I just had to thank you for this card and for having such a well-organized blog! I found your tutorial and made this card for my SIL. I made a couple of little changes to the arm and hand because I don't have the punch you used. I'd love to hear what you think if you get a chance. You can view my card at

Thanks so much for all your inspiration!