Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Guest Puncher - Realistic Birds

I'm guessing that you've noticed my punch art has a cartoon feel to it.  That is just how I roll.  Even the things that I draw are "cartoonish".  But some people have the ability to do punch art with a realistic feel.

Lucia Dawe's mother (I am sure she has a name, but all I know her as is Ink Me Baby One More Time!'s Mom) has been a faithful reader and 'caser' of my stuff for a few months but she has moved on past me and done two fabulous birds (quail and pheasant) on her own and you can see them here.

Then I got an email on Friday where Alene Humphrey used the Two Step Bird punch and her Field Guide to make realistic birds.  I'm sharing them here with her permission because she has no blog for me to link to.

Realistic looking punch art is really impressive - so when you are looking for a challenge - give that a try!


StampingJan said...

These are wonderful...ther is so much thought involved. I reallly appreciate the work involved.
If I may inquire, how did you create the pointed crown on the cardinal?

Ellen Kemper said...

Alene? Email me the answer and I'll let her know. Thanks

stampin along the way said...

Thank you Ellen for the mention of "mom". Her name is Anita. She will be so thrilled that she made your blog! Can't wait to share with her.


Unknown said...

OH I just LOVE this. Have to bookmark this post. I'm not the biggest fan of punch art, but I LOVE these realistic ones. Too much cute kills me...he he! And the BLUE BIRD is the BOMB!. Being a Camp Fire girl and from Missouri...I just can't resist. I'll have to make my mom a mothers day card. Thank you SO much for sharing! Diana

Heather Summers said...

Thank you Ellen!

I've attached a link from my site to you today! Thanks for the inspiration.

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Ellen, please send along my thanks to your guest punchers for their awesome work! And thank YOU for posting them here to share.

Anonymous said...

Anita and Alene have both come up with some fantastic creations. Thanks for sharing!!


Ellen Kemper said...

Here is the info from Alene:

The cardinal's topknot is simply the wing fitted behind his head and trimmed a little to fit.

Carolyn Sharkas said...

Well, you knew I would love this one. I think they are awesome, and plan on using them on a page or two, heaven knows I have enough bird pictures, lol. Pulled off the road twice this week to photograph a hawk, a great white heron and a wood stork. One day I will have to share them. thanks for sharing these, my friend,


StampingJan said...

Thank you for letting me know Ellen. Love your Blog...I am such a fan of your punch art talent!