Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Thinking Baby Boy

I think this is an original but it looks awfully familiar to me - maybe because it looks like the New Year Baby?  Well, if it looks like something you have done that has been living in my subconscious, please let me know and I'll be happy to give you credit.

Pretty easy punch art. I remembered to take a "parts picture" before I assembled. (Excuse the colors - I have no clue what happened in this photo)

The 2 large circles are 1.75 inch - the white one repunched to get the waist line
1 inch circle
heart to heart
shortened word window
5 standard hole punches
curl is 1/2 inch circle offset around standard hole punch HOLE
pacifier base is heart to heart punched offset above standard hole punch HOLE
pacifier ring is standard hole punch around smallest Crop-a-dile HOLE

Assembly advice:  Do not put the pacifier too close to the nose - he starts to look like a baby Hitler and that might not be the look you are going for.  Poor baby already has the Steve Urkel thing going - with that diaper up so high on his waist.

Not exactly a traditional colored baby card but remember "Everything goes with Chocolate Chip!"  Clear "tag" is Just Perfect Alphabet stamped on shrink plastic and punched with wide oval punch.  Beads are blue glass mix on good old standard staples.  The blue "thread" in the corduroy button is a thin strip of paper.


Tracey Clay said...

WOW, you are SOOOOOOOOOOOO creative-shrink plastic, beads on staples, chocolate chip goes with everything!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! You are truly inspiring, Thank you!!

CarrieNixon said...

K, this is another one of my faves!

You are sooooooooooo funny, "Steve Urkel" and "Hitler". :)

I just received my 2 step bird punch yesterday, and now I see more I need from this post! Can't keep up with you! :)

Robbe said...

Wonderful card Ellen! The baby is soooo cute. :)

Eliane said...

i love it !I'm your number one admirer.

Ruby said...

He is so cute! I especially LOL on the positioning of the pacifier. I had just ordered the Horizontal Slot so now I'm set! I love the combination of that Blue with Chocolate Chip, but is it the Brilliant Blue or Ballet Blue. Did you emboss it? Sorry, just wondering. Wonderful job!

jjcreations said...

Oh this is fantastic....I'm going to have to remember this I have a friend who's having a baby soon. Awesome card.

Ellen Kemper said...

Ruby - I used ballet blue (doesn't sound "boyish" but it works)

I used a texture plate called Weave #2 on the blue - it is one that a customer of mine gave me (Hi Bea!) but very similar to the Texture Plates Kit #4 that SU sells.

You could also use the texture wheel on the blue to make it look like a blanket.

Carolyn Sharkas said...

this is too flippin' cute


Stef H said...

wow! i never would have figured the heart for the leg. this is darling!

Leslie said...

Talent drips off of you like butter on my biscuit! LOL
You amaze me with your creativity and I absolutely LOVE the baby!! A heart for legs... I never...

Unknown said...

what a cute card!

Jill Hilliard said...

SHUT UP! I squealed when I saw this!

Gail said...

I love the whole card! There's so much wonderful stuff going on. So, spill it - how on earth do you do beads on staples & attach 'em to the page?!? Dying to try that but totally clueless! :)

Ellen Kemper said...

Not my original idea and I cannot remember who I got it from - I have some vague recollection that I read someone had done this at convention or a regional presentation.

What you do is "open" one end of your staple by bending it a little bit straighter - then just "scoop" it through the bead container and for every few scoops you will get a bead to magically go on the staple. Except those long skinny beads that are so cute - their opening must be smaller becauee I have never once gotten one to go on. If you have better eyes than me you can confirm or deny this conclusion. Then you "re-straighen" your staple.

To get it on?
Take another staple - in its original state (unsmooshed) and lay it on your project with the points where you want your beaded staple - poke two tiny holes with your mat pack and paper piercer. Then put your staple on and "cloee" it by hand.

Yes beads will fall off the staple if you don't hold it right.

So while this sounds like a pain in the patooty - I have done it many times for swaps so it can't be that bad. If it was hard I would never do it twice.