Saturday, March 20, 2010

Help Finding Objects and Odd Things

I'm still gone and you are still there in front of the computer screen.  Don't you wish you were off on a girls trip with me?!?!

For today's preplanned post, you get a summary to help you find the "odds and ends" that I (and my guest punchers) have created. 

Remember - just click and magically you will be where you want to go! (Unless you want to be on the girls trip with me - clicking won't help you on that.)

Please let me know if these summaries are helpful to you.  If enough of you say they are, I'll TRY to keep them current.

This post will be kept current as I add new punch objects and odd things.  If you find a bad link please let me know.  Thanks, Ellen.

Anchor and Life Preserver
Baby bottle
Ball and Chain
Baseball with arms and legs
bicycle with basket and flowers
Books (stack)
Car (Lightning McQueen)
Christmas light string
Christmas Tree from word window
Gingerbread Man
M&M green - lady
M&M orange - scared
M&M purple
M&M yellow - pirate with sword
Measuring Spoons
Monster - One Eyed
Mortarboard (graduation hat)
Office chair
Oven (with pie and pan)
Piano (toy)
Potato Head (mr. and mrs.)
Race Car
Santa Hat
School Bus
Sock Monkey (guest puncher)
Soup Bowl
Vegetables with faces (guest puncher)
Wine bottle

I guess those M&M characters could have gone on the "people-ish" list.  But they didn't make the cut.  Poor candies... 

Truly, I am much more comfortable thinking of them as objects not people, (that cannibalism thing, ya know?)


Stef H said...

it's just like you're here!!!! NOT! hope you're having a ball. and yes, i do wish i was there with you.

take lots of pictures of all your goodies!

cindi said...

Yes, this is absolutely helpful. Thanks so much!

Ruby said...

Most definitely, again I found several I had missed the first time. Tku!

Carol said...

This is so helpful, I've found more today that I must try. thanks again for all your hard work.

Michelle-a-bella said...

Yes very helpful! Thank you so much for doing that! I love your work!!!

Tracey Clay said...

Yes, yes, yes!!!

MrsD07 said...


Jayne Stenstrom said...

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!!! (I had to add a few more so I wouldn't be just like the last couple of posts.) I would LOVE to have you keep this updated so I can locate your wonderful punch creations when I'm searching. Thank you, thank you, thank you!